FIFA 19 Defending Tips - How to Get a Solid Defense?

As it is known to all, a solid defense in any video game is very important because it helps players go further in their favorite game. FIFA 19 is no exception. Here are some defending tips about FIFA 19 from USG for your reference to make your more advantageous over your opponent in the next play.  


FIFA 19 Defending Tips 

Jockey - Remember to use your Jockey button to finesse your movement. To do this, hole LT or L2, and you’ll face the attacking player. In this stance, it is easy to side step and close down space. All you need to do is get close enough and then tap circle to win the ball back.

Slide Tackles - While slide tackles have always been a risky move in FIFA games, they are incredibly useful in FIFA 19. As long as you do them at speed, and when you are close to a player, chances are you’ll win the ball. They’re a little OP at the moment , so take the chance while you can.

50/50 battles - This is the new tackling system introduced in FIFA 19. Basically, when you have the ball, hold L2 to shield against the opposing player. From this stance any attacks made against you will be judged via the new system, which weighs up each player’s defensive stats to determine the outcome.

Use two defenders at once - While defending, you’ll notice a transparent icon above one of your other players, this is your second defender. Hold down R1, and that player will move to apply pressure, leaving you to block passing play. You can switch to the second defender at any time by hitting L1.

Switch - Speaking of switching players, you’re going to want to get used to using the Right stick to switch between players. You can switch to almost every player on the field whereas with L1 it’s just the nearest player to you.

Defensive Tactics - As part of the new Dynamic Tactics system, you can customize the tactics you use in game. While you’re in game, press down on the d-pad to access defensive tactics.

Don’t sprint - Unless you are chasing a winger, there’s no need to sprint all the time. It’s harder to perform standing tackles at speed, and players can easily change direction leaving you defenseless.

Learn when to tackle - You’re not going to want to be spamming the tackle button when defending, as it will lower your success rate. Instead, make sure you time your tackles when you’re sure you can get the ball, otherwise you’ll be left in the dust mid-animation.

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