2017 New Orleans NBA All-Star voting officially began

2017 New Orleans NBA All-Star voting officially began, and in previous years is different, this year's All-Star starter voting is not only the fans involved, NBA players and the media will also participate in the vote. But you love the players can play no longer have to look at voting results! Now taking advantage of the New Year discount period, to NBA2K17 iOS version, staged an All-Star duel now!

As we all know, 2K's NBA series has been the leader in basketball games. NBA2K launched a new game every year not only allow players to look forward to endless, more attractive NBA fans eyes. For the NBA2K17 iOS, the game is not only adhering to the mobile end of the host / PC side of the core games are played and high-quality picture quality and music experience, at the same time, according to the mobile side of the property for more local play design , So that players can always use the debris time to an NBA contest!

For example, if players want to NBA2K17 iOS version of the experience of all-star duel, there are two modes to choose from, the first player in the season mode, hit the All-Star Game, enjoy the All-Star team to shock! One is more convenient, that is, in the fast game at any time to an All-Star duel, but this model would like to experience the All-Star Game, players need a specific time. (That is, the real game All-Star Game time), but players can change the system time to the mobile phone every day to experience the thrill of the All-Star Game!

In the NBA2K17 iOS version, the player's ability to play the value of the 2K also conducted a more in-depth optimization. Players in the regular game, each game can get the game currency, through the game currency players can upgrade the skills in the store, such as three-pointers, mid-range shooting, layup and dunk and flexibility, and so on, players can The location of their players to carry out more accurate to develop. At the same time, in the rest day, the player can also receive additional training points for skills upgrades.

In addition, the NBA2K17 iOS version of the most significant upgrade will have a number of equipment, the value of the property to add. Played before the version of the player, presumably all know, the game shoes and other equipment, but simply to meet the player's color value needs, and in this version, shoes, arms, legs are added to add a variety of additional attributes Value of the equipment, the ability to increase the value of the player.

For example, the shoes are divided into the power bonus, the distance from the addition, three-point shooting bonus, creating shooting chance bonus, etc., players can also create the player according to the location to focus on training, to reach a certain attribute Ability to burst the table is no longer just a simple skill upgrade, but through a full range of equipment to build to help.

At present, NBA2K17 iOS version of the New Year period during the offer for the players the most powerful discount, the original price of 50 yuan game masterpiece as long as 18 yuan in the bag! How, still wait and see players hesitant When the New Year is approaching, the first to a belongs to our own All-Star Wars it!

Jan 11, 2017