2017 Super Bowl Patriots won 25 big reversal

February 6, 2017, the 51st Super Bowl in the United States Houston NRG Stadium, Atlanta Falcons once leading 25 points in the case of the New England Patriots tied the Super Bowl staged 51-year history of the first overtime Race. Overture Patriots burst into action to achieve success, to achieve an incredible reversal won the Vince Lombardi Cup.


The Super Bowl is the annual championship of the American National Football League (also known as the National Football League), the winner known as the "World Champion." The Super Bowl is held on the last Sunday of January or the first Sunday of February, the day of the Super Bowl Sunday. Super Bowl is the name of the tournament, the trophy named Vince Lombardi Cup (Vince Lombardi Trophy). The United States to participate in the team season for the American Football Association championship and the National Football Federation Championship. Super Bowl over the years are the nation's highest-rated television programs, and gradually become an unofficial national holiday. In addition, the Super Bowl Sunday is the second day of food consumption in the United States a single day, second only to Thanksgiving.

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Feb 6, 2017