"2K17 NBA" confirmed landing Pro PS4 to enhance anti aliasing

2K17 NBA's official twitter recently announced the landing Pro PS4 platform news, the game will support the native 4K resolution, 60FPS and HDR features, bring better anti aliasing experience. It is worth noting that, if the players are using the 1080P screen, the game will still render the 4K resolution of the screen rendering.

"2K17 NBA" is a Sports 2K production, Games 2K issue of sports games. After breaking the sales records of the "2K16 NBA", 2K NBA series will continue to use the "2K17 NBA" to consolidate the status of the most authoritative sports games. As the "model of all sports video games" (GamesRadar), "2K17 NBA" will take the game to a new height, and further break the barriers of the game and reality.

"2K17 NBA" has been officially launched in September 20th this year, and Pro PS4 will be officially released in November 10th. Coming soon。

Oct 29, 2016