9000 observers to "FIFA17" player ability so tempered

"FIFA17" has finally come, we will enjoy the world's more than and 700 club, more than 18000 players on the pitch, together with field athletics, but the question is, to update so much of the data seems to be an impossible task.

Today, the media interviewed the person in charge of ESPN, talked about some of the data in the football, he said: "there are always some from such a player, for example from the Swiss National League two, but in the transfer for the club buzzer, you only know his name, birthday, position, we have to do the players join the game. That's a little bit... Unless you can see them in real life."

In order to see these players data, EA data for the "specially invited 9000 observer" scouts, they come from all over the world professional team coach, the fans to buy tickets and so on, the lineup is very large.

In addition, the league level will affect the player's data, for example, let Messi move to the Irish League, so this will happen if Messi in the Irish League, after a while his ability will decline, because he is no longer the world's top league playing ability, we hope to use this reality to reflect player.

EA 300 data editing and 9000 bit data observers as "FIFA17" of the 18 thousand players in each of the 35 different evaluation ability value, this is a very huge project, but you will find that they are not for the players' physical attributes and accurate data, which also caused the some of the players "abnormal data".

For example, Thomas Muller, in addition to the top of the movement, in fact he is not very good, he is on the pitch into the ghostly Paowei fear, but he is not a good player dribbling ability is bad, sometimes the end of shooting heinous, strength is not his strong point, so if you score it for Thomas Muller you will find, these are not very reasonable. So we have to do some very complex calculations for the player's ability to make sure that the maximum degree of reaction to each player's true ability.

Oct 18, 2016