Back to tradition! EA said it will develop more PC platform sports games

Once upon a time, EA is the leading sports game company, a variety of sports games in the EA comprehensive development. However, the passage of time, EA sports games on the platform only the FIFA series thriving. But a recent interview with EA executives seemed to reverse the picture: EA Canada manager Matt Bilbey and senior Cam Weber said in a statement they will bring more players on the PC platform for sports games, like "North American professional ice hockey Major League "(HNL) and" Madden football. "

"The PC platform is still the mainstream of demand," Bilbey said. "FIFA still has a lot of users on the PC platform, these players have a unique taste for the taste of sports games.I think this" Madden football "no similar, but if As we make more changes and innovations in this area (sports games), we can make better use of this opportunity. "

Waber also believes that "Madden" is a good game, but when it's popular recession, EA on the end of the game on the PC's subsequent development. And the game's development company has been out of the EA for a long time, Waber said: "Now want to have such a company has been very difficult to come back." "Obviously, we're only going to open the door to research and development companies only if they're at a fire sale," he said.

Bilbey mentions Frost is a "very core PC engine", the engine's cross-platform capability is very strong, and in the PC has great prospects.

EA this year has a huge sports game distribution plan, including "Madden rugby 17" "NHL17" and "FIFA17", "Madden Rugby 17" will be released in August, "NHL" and "FIFA" is September. All three games will be available on PS4 and xbox one, but only FIFA will have a PC version.

Nov 29, 2016