Chelsea a move that Frank Lampard return

In the effectiveness of the American League a year and a half, Frank Lampard announced on Monday that he will leave New York City, according to "Daily Telegraph" revealed that Chelsea are very concerned about the dynamics of Frank Lampard, No plans for the future, but Chelsea executives hope to make the Blues name back to Stamford Bridge, as the image of the ambassador or team assistant. Earlier, the Chelsea club Instagram official account of a reply seems to imply that Frank Lampard return to Stamford Bridge is a fact.

It is reported that a Chelsea fans in the personal Instagram wrote: "Patiently waiting, looking forward to return." And accompanied by a shirt wearing a No. 8 Frank Lampard Chelsea photos, it is clear that his intention is to hope the hearts of Idol Pard left the United States, to return to Stamford Bridge. And this humble personal dynamic but because the official Chelsea Club Instagram account instantly become a hot reply, just a "wait and so on," so blue fans ecstatic, Chelsea seems to be suggesting to the outside world, Lanpa Germany return to the countdown.

Frank Lampard left Chelsea in the summer of 2014 and signed with New York City, but then in the form of a loan for the Manchester City team played a season. Last summer, Lampard came to New York City to play, played 31 times into 15 balls and contributed 4 assists. Although Frank Lampard has not yet clear whether to choose to retire, but the "Daily Mail" pointed out that Chelsea do not want to see their blue-bridge legend to the sworn enemy, Arsenal captain Vieira former Manchester United is a warning. At first, Frank Lampard was Manchester City on loan for six months, and Chelsea had met, that night I do not know a lot of blue fans heartbreak in one place.

In short, Chelsea is currently working on the return of Frank Lampard matters, whether he is into the blue coaching staff or become a club ambassador, the Chelsea fans will be satisfied with the results. Of course, the 38-year-old "lamp" is also possible to continue to play. As Frank Lampard himself said, "Then my career will usher in a new chapter, I will soon announce whereabouts.

Nov 17, 2016