Color is discriminated against NBA free and equal

Jeremy Lin in the busy NBA season, took the time to participate in a file on the theme of "anti-racial discrimination, anti-bullying" charitable activities. At the event, he said, "Before and after the start of my career, has been in the face of racial discrimination." This makes advertised free and equal NBA once again caught in the discussion about racial discrimination.

Jeremy Lin has been called "Chinese guy"

Jeremy Lin is a famous NBA star, even he has racial discrimination problems. In the United States of basic basketball, this is a topic of concern.

There is an example of some time ago in US social media that sparked widespread discussion. In a basketball game at Esperanza High School and Santa Ana High School, home fans chanted racist slogans for visiting Asian players. As the scene of this game, there are two US CBS TV reporters, the topic of fermentation has become a national event.

Was targeted at a Japanese-American player, called "the wood of Reed", he was also the only high school team in Santa Ana Asian players. "Fans often washed me shouting: 'shrimp fried rice', 'chicken fried rice' ... ..." Wood said: "shout slogan is the freedom of the fans, but I think it should be involved in the race when the convergence.

The reason why fans use these dishes to the players from the nickname, may be derived from the many Asian Americans operating in the restaurant industry. But the wood is a strong player, he has not been affected, but alone to get 16 points to help the team on the road "face" home team. The incident, then also in the United States social media upload hot, a lot of people said it makes people think of Jeremy Lin.

This may only be the epitome of discrimination against Asian American players. Jeremy Lin recalled, he has a similar experience in college, "It is our ivy league is a very important game, in the game, the other team called me the 'Chinaman' (Chink)." Lin Shuhao recalled, "I At the time I was really angry, it affected my game state, and ultimately our team fiasco.I still remember, when he was deeply affected by negative emotions, once out of control.

"Chink" with a clear word of ethnic insults, often used to attack the identity of American Americans, Jeremy Lin played in the NBA, "Lin crazy" during the performance, ESPN site editor used to refer to Lin Shuhao, triggered A huge controversy, and ultimately the name of the editor and ESPN publicly apologize to Jeremy Lin, the editor was eventually dismissed.

NBA racial discrimination has a lot for historical and social reasons, the former black players situation is very difficult.

Earl Lloyd is the first NBA player to play in the history of black players. 1950 Halloween, the historic capital of Washington and Rochester Royal before the start of the game, many people have told Lloyd, the United States representative of racist organizations will come to the scene, but also with a rope to, but the Los In the end, the rumors of the people did not come, but the game is still a lot of the audience on the Lloyd had been abused. "" I do not think so, "he said.

From the NBA's racial distribution point of view, only a handful of Asian players, so the status of discrimination may be more serious. But while black players dominate the league, racial discrimination is more prevalent - even against bosses. Not to mention the previously heated discussions of Stirling for racial discrimination remarks forced to sell the team, even the NBA's black bosses have been subjected to racial discrimination.

"Some things are money that can not be changed," he said, adding: "If I put on a pair of jeans and walked into a jewelery store, the clerk would look at me with a vigilant look at me," he said in an interview with Bobcats owner Robert Johnson. , They think the black jeans can not afford to buy jewelry, there may be pilfering.I have enough money to buy 10 jewelry companies, but can not buy people to treat the blacks equally.

Perhaps racial discrimination in the United States for a long period of time is difficult to solve the problem.

Jan 3, 2017