D1 League players delayed offensive and defensive kicking experience

First of all, if you want to play good FIFA, to achieve their own satisfaction with the results. Be sure to do the following two points to prepare. The first point is to try to stabilize the smooth network. I play FIFA17 can be said to be garbage to the extreme, at least 200 high-delay UT game. Beijing Unicom is really too much garbage. Some people may say, I am also Beijing Unicom I do not card. There are only two possibilities, your network really good, or you do not know their own play is delayed FIFA. 

I probably used a dozen SS, paste it to sell all used. There are still the rest of Baidu to promote their own search. I played a FIFA N kinds of feel. UT South of the network was better than the North. This is why the Southern god a reason for it. Delay this kind of thing, not experienced people will not understand. That time really suffering, I have several times ready to give up. The second point is to establish their own lineup as soon as possible, formation play. Can be said that FIFA17 is a very good version, play a hundred flowers bloom. Some players are keen to burst into battle, this habit to establish their own style of play and routine is no good. As much as possible to play a formation, the lineup is best not to change the frequency of major changes. Offensive player style of choice should be established this morning. Such as ST position is one or two, double fast or a high a fast and so on.

Offensive skills

Now we enter the topic, I use a small diamond, in the small diamond attack and defense have accumulated a set of their own routine. First, start from the ST said. I use the Ah Kun + Stuart Ridge, Ah Kun put the left, Sturridge put the right. The main advantage of this release is to avoid as much as possible Sturridge with the right foot and maximized to ST with the usual foot beat far corner rub. Two ST settings are left in the road + sneak into the rear. This maximizes the possibility of not letting the ST pull the edges and creating as many opportunities as possible. CAM position on the use of Tintin, CAM in 41212 is essential, he is the defensive conversion offense the first responsible person. Defense steals the ball after the first to find is the commander. So this location is very expensive to buy expensive. Premier League other CAM I have used, are not Tintin comprehensive. Small diamond-shaped CAM frequent calls need to insert, tear space. CAM up, one can take away the defender, pull the space for the ST, two, they also have the opportunity to run out of a direct shot. Third, the back of the CM will immediately fill the seats. This attack on the input of more troops. Two CM I use is Rooney and Toure. CM position that is needed Superman. Strong and strong, able to keep, pumping plug freely. Toure and Wayne Rooney in the United States is a lack of two mentality of a weak attack strong defense, a weak defense strong attack. In particular, Toure, more need to manually pull him back as far as possible, to close, protect the CDM. CDM I use the black Kakant, this cargo is too strong, and fully worth hundreds of thousands of worth. 

If you can not afford to replace the city with the cost of birds, birds, birds than the more comprehensive Kanakante. I also use a lot of disk, very reliable. In the CDM this position on the offensive I never call a bit forward. In case of opponents counterattack, very dangerous. CM plug in after the attack is completely sufficient. More just need to do the transfer pass CDM. LB and RB I use the ROSE and WOLKER. LB and RB in the attack need to be opened, defensive transition and midfielder kickoff when I like to give direct to the wing, the fastest defender back to the local position, to CAM CM ST to carry out attack. Remember that if there is no sure enough to not use LB and RB extraordinary, once the clean sheet is likely to directly face the formation of your CB 3 dozen 2 3 fight 3. I lost a lot of balls are so caused. CB is using the K6 + Otamendi, GK is the Courtois. The three almost no offense, nothing to say.

Defensive skills

FIFA 17 defensive feel more than 16 suitable for me. No BUG skills to defender stiff set, a lot of time we can also rely on the player's own defense AI. There is a misunderstanding I have to explain. I see a lot of people do not say Messi do not use defense Nei Maer, they are too little physical strength. This is definitely a misunderstanding. I am in the defense, if necessary Kun and Stewart Ritchie pulled all the way to the edge of the restricted area is also often occurs. My own defense when the mind is clear 11 personal defense stations, 41212 (2) defensive station is 4312. The other attack in the vicinity of the circle, cut the nearest CAM back run, pay attention to run back, not to the opponent's feet to run. Many people in the closing down like pulling people straight to the ball, this is the wrong defense ideas, so you went to the position, the opponent is likely to out of the ball, you always slow one, it is easy to lose the ball. I know when the defense of 11 people own defense responsibility area. To ensure that four defenders 2 CM a CDM priority to reach their own defense area. Especially LB RB. Because AI likes to plug in, but do not like to run back. Do not pay attention to the sidewalk no one, you pull out the CB to fill, opponents, whether it is XJB pass or wear control Zhise will cause great danger. Opponents in the sidewalks with the ball, our LB RB directly to face, most of the time I let the LB RB AI own mark. I cut the ball to the CM blocking the road or package. 

As long as the defender has a defensive position, boldly let the computer AI to prevent. Back when the defense is more control and array, do not think of the first time to lose the ball in the circle or the position of the more closed down, not broken down on their own collapse. Pull the person to the position, watch the change. Observe the other ball road, prejudging the ball road, cut in advance to close or close down the defender. If the other party to advance to the edge of the restricted area or restricted area. As far as possible to ensure that the defender stood in front of the offensive player, not fully grasp not to be blind feet or over penalty. As long as you are patient enough, the other shot or hit you. Otherwise Zhise fault. The other in the face of the CB, to pull the CDM try not to pull CB, you back in the chase at the same time, your defender AI will not easily get rid of the offensive side. After you level up to a high level, you will find offensive routines who have often fight are defensive, offensive template can learn. Defense needs more depending on the circumstances. It can be said that the defense can reflect the player's personality. If you are a novice rookie can first try to feel as I said, in the gradual addition of mad dog grab, pre-determined steals and other methods.

Dec 28, 2016