Eight percent hit rate Halle Harlem

Eagles at home to 112-97 victory over the Rockets, the first time the face of the old Lord's Dwight - Howard audience 10 shots 8 20 points 14 rebounds 3 assists plus 2 blocked shots.

For Howard, although this is a back-to-back game, but the Hawks use of Howard is very effective, never let Howard in a single hit more than 6 minutes of continuous, and ultimately Howard also let the rocket suffered.

The start of the game, Howard did not show enough lethality, after all, this is the Hawks back to back in the second game, but his deterrent force in the paint still exist, the rockets are more rely on outside the attack to end, and Howard also until the game played for nearly 5 minutes before the use of an anti-run-free access dunk buckle score, in order to ensure the rotation of the inside, Howard in the first section of the middle of the change was replaced off the rest, but in his last 2 minutes after appearance, Manufacturing killings, 2 penalty 1, then is received a small Hardaway assists to complete the dunk-free access, this section Howard won 5 points and 1 rebounds.

However, the Rockets for Howard is still very understanding, so whether it is defensive or pick and roll are more targeted, which also let Howard in the second quarter after the start of the encounter no small trouble, and he was replaced when the rest, only once Assists the contribution. But when he returned to the field after the break, quickly grabbed an offensive rebounds and completed a very overbearing alley-oop dunks - Harrell brutal riding buckle, just 20 seconds later, he was on the defensive end to give Mike Daniel Sri Lanka a very perfect "blood cap", but was misjudged as a foul by the referee, Howard also had to leave again because of the three guilty.

Into the second half, Howard continued his good state, even in the opening 1 minute after the sub-line sent in the wonderful assists to help the basket Kewoer easy score. And then he was in the singled out Capella, easily complete the score.

After the start of the fourth quarter, Howard has an empty dunk with an empty prelude, which allows the Hawks to regain 11 points lead. Then he made Fabio Capello's foul line, even though he missed two free throws, but he quickly finished three times in a row at Capella to score, 1 tipped, 1 singles hook plus 1 The easy dunk score on his head. Although after he was because of additional action and was sentenced to a technical foul, but this did not affect Howard's fighting spirit, he even in the face of Harden fouls after the rare completion of two free throws, and his lethality inside, So that Capella and Halle two insider at a loss. 3 minutes before the whistle, he gave Ariza a cover big day hat, and in fact the suspense of the game has also been killed. This section, Howard scored 11 points on one person.

Nov 7, 2016