Gronkowsk become Madden NFL17 cover characters!

New England patriots near the end of the front Gronkowski Rob will become the next season EA sports Madden series of the cover characters.

Gronkowski in the last season is the cover of a member's list, but in the final round of voting lost to the New York giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

U.S. time Thursday, Xbox mall leaked the news, the official at 6 points on Thursday finally announced the Gronkowski to become the cover of the news.

This season is also ESPN and EA sports for the first time not to use the voting mechanism to select the cover characters. Gronkowski's presence on the field and the exposure of the OTC is needed for the game, which may be the reason for his choice.

Last season, Gronkowski completed 79 catches for 1176 yards and 1 touchdowns, its occupation career 80 games finished with 66 touchdowns, while the Patriots in the 6 season in 5 times in the American League finals.

But considering the Madden curse, perhaps the Patriots fans don't love the cover.

Oct 14, 2016