Jeremy Lin: NCAA racial discrimination than the NBA was reluctant to mention Lin crazy

As an Asian star, Jeremy Lin's professional basketball road is full of ups and downs. Jeremy Lin has been racially disliked during the NBA play. But he said that this is compared with the university experience, simply nothing.

Jeremy Lin studied at Harvard University. Lin Shuhao said that from 2006 to 2010 he suffered a lot of racial discrimination speech. And these words from the other side of the fans, players and even coaches.

Lin Shuhao said that when the game to go to Georgetown, a racist the whole game with some Chinese dishes to call themselves, such as chicken fried rice, beef noodles and beef broccoli and so on.

And once to Yale University to play the game, the fans have been ridiculed Lin Shuhao appearance, especially his eyes. Jeremy Lin recalled: "They are saying, hey, you can see these two points clear score card?

Jeremy Lin also said that even the other side of the coach also published racial discrimination on their own speech. And when they go to the referee theory, the referee is always indifferent.

Lin Shuhao said that after entering the NBA, racial discrimination is much smaller than the NCAA, and their own in dealing with this kind of problem is more mature and calm.

"Today 's NBA, there will still be some racial discrimination, but I will not be bothered by this, and I will think of it as an incentive.

Jeremy Lin also talked about their own overnight fame "Lin crazy" period. Lin Shuhao said that his most regret is that never been able to enjoy the "forest crazy" moment.

"I scored a high score for five consecutive games, but I was not the same as anyone else they had seen, and everyone had the impression that the Asian players were the big center from the Chinese team that was seven feet tall," he said. Scared me. "

"All the questions are the same, they are all asking, as an Asian NBA player, how do you feel?" Jeremy Lin said, "all the problems are related to Asia. To some extent, I do not Willing to talk about the Asian people this topic.I do not want others to say that forest crazy, which brought me a heavy burden.

Now I'm used to it: "This is an honor. I am on behalf of all the Asian people in the NBA, on behalf of all the people of Harvard, I am proud of this is no longer my burden and I no longer feel afraid. At that time, I could not understand that, because everything was too fast.

May 11, 2017