Magic to send Ibaka to the Raptors

Magic and the Raptors reached a deal, the Magic sent to Ibaka, got the Raptors Terence - Ross and 2017 first round of the sign

According to sources, this year in addition to their first-round draft pick, they also have the first round of the Los Angeles Clippers signed, two draft picks, the Raptors will be the lower value of the one sent to Orlando Magic.

2008 draft pick, Ibaka in the first round of the 24th overall by the Seattle Sonics selected, that is now the Thunder. But after being selected, Ibaka stay in the Spanish league to continue to exercise, a year later after landing the NBA. July 2009, Ibaka officially joined the Thunder, became the Republic of Congo out of the first NBA player, the first seven seasons of his career, Ibaka are in the Russian city of effectiveness.

Last summer, including the Raptors, allied teams have chased Ibaka, but the Magic out of the more favorable chips - Victor - Oradea, Ilyasova, then the first round of 11 Sign (later selected more Mantas - Sabonis).

This season, ibaka salary of 12.25 million US dollars, after the end of the season, he will become a free agent. The magic to pay such a big deal to get Ibaka, wanted to do something in this season, but now they are 21 wins and 36 losses record, can only be ranked second in the east. Before the news that the magic has begun to start trading, to rebuild. For the magic, if the team is not now Ibaka sent away, that this summer, the team may lose him in vain.

Ibaka has excellent defensive ability, the offensive end can give the team to open the space, this season in the magic, he played 30.6 minutes per game, you can win 15.1 points 6.8 rebounds and 1.6 blocks, shooting 48.8% Three-point shooting rate of 38.8%. In addition to Ibaka, the Magic before the Wuchevich, small Peyton, who also appeared in the trade rumors.

Raptors general manager Ujie Li already want to get Ibaka, and the Union sources said this summer, the team will try to renew and Ibaka. In addition to Ibaka, Kyle - Lori this summer will become a free agent.

Raptors broke into the Eastern Conference finals last season, this season they are still regarded as the knight in the eastern part of the biggest opponent. But the recent period the Raptors slipped, the last 10 games, they lost six of them, ranking has dropped to fifth in the East. The team in the loss of Bismarck - Bi Yongbo, has been unable to find a tough inside defender. Their defensive efficiency and defensive rebounding rate are ten in the league. After the arrival of Ibaka, it is expected in these two areas to help the team.

However, the deal also allowed the Raptors to lose an important fire point to Terence Ross. Terence Rose is the first round of the first round in 2012 by the Raptors selected, 2013 All-Star Game, he had won the slam dunk contest champion. In 2015, the Raptors had signed a three-year contract with Terence Rose for a total of $ 33 million.

These two seasons, most of the time, Terence - Ross are in the Raptors as a substitute. This season he played 22.3 minutes per game, you can get 10.4 points and 2.6 rebounds, shooting 44.1%, three-point shooting 37.5%.

Feb 15, 2017