Manchester City and Juventus have been prepared to buy 50 million pounds Sanchez

Recently, many rumors about Sanchez, are basically related to the renewal, the Chilean striker in Arsenal's weekly salary of 130,000 pounds. Since joining Arsenal in the summer of 2014, Sanchez has been very good performance, playing the role of the thigh, the new season is not out, 15 games into 8 goals assists 7 times, are manufacturing a ball; Sanchez has represented Arsenal Played 108 times, scored 50 goals assists 30 times. Excellent performance, so that Sanchez has arsenal claim to high salaries, it is learned that the Chilean striker wants a weekly salary of £ 250,000 contract.

Arsenal offered to the Chilean striker a 16-180000 pounds weekly contract, the current two sides continued the contract, the two sides agreed that the Arsenal striker, About a stalemate. With Sanchez and Arsenal remaining a year and a half contract, the club must make a decision, if the two sides do not renew, Arsenal who want to get the best interests in Sanchez, then it must be sold next summer. It is reported that Manchester City and Juventus have been prepared to buy 50 million pounds Sanchez.

If you join Manchester City, means that Sanchez will meet again with Guardiola, the two had worked in Barcelona. It is Guardiola's operation, Sanchez joined Barcelona in the summer of 2011, followed by a season Chilean striker played 41 times, scoring 15 goals assists 6 times. Recently, Guardiola is creating a new attack line, Aguero is likely to be sent away, the introduction of Sanchez is a good choice, after all, the two co-operation during the Barcelona good; as Juventus, Sanchez is to sign The secret, Allegri will be sent Manzuki Qi, Dibala was Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Barcelona coveted, the Bianconeri need to respond to the program.

Nov 17, 2016