Messi lost the golden ball and FIFA best sculpture was destroyed

Messi lost the golden ball and FIFA best sculpture was destroyed

Messi recent things can be described as things do not ring true, first lost the Golden Globe, and then in 2017 the first two games did not win in this morning again in the World Footballer of the European selection lost to C Luo. According to the Spanish media, "World Sports Daily" news, located in the capital of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Massey statue has also been cut off the middle of the statue of the upper body was missing.

Messi's sculpture in his hometown was destroyed

Last summer, Lionel Messi led Argentina in the 100 years of America's Cup, all the way through the finals, but the repeat of the 2015 Copa America's final scene, Campas Eagle missed the championship again, Messi in succession Three World Series finals lose, it also makes it very depressed, after the game, Messi also announced the withdrawal of the national team.

This news has also aroused the whole of Argentina to retain Messi's domestic boom, and in June last year, a Buenos Aires Messi statue of the completion of the country has also become an important event to retain Messi one. Mayor of Buenos Aires and the city's sports minister is still in front of Messi sculpture to play, hoping to use this statue to let Messi understand the public support for him.

After the completion of this sculpture has become one of the attractions of Buenos Aires, attracted numerous visitors in this and "Messi" posed for pictures. However, according to "World Sports Daily," the news, I do not know what reason, this sculpture has recently been severely damaged, the sculpture was cut off the middle, Messi's upper body was missing, leaving only the sculpture of the lower body and the base.

Messi sculptures in his hometown

It is reported that, after the incident, the Buenos Aires city hall decided to thoroughly investigate the matter, while the Buenos Aires City Sports Minister also said it would promptly repair the statue.

It is worth mentioning that the destruction of Lionel Messi's time is in C Luo beat FIFA selected FIFA World Player of the year 2016 before and after, and this in the home of Madeira Island C Luo's statue was red paint time The segments are very similar. In January last year's FIFA Golden Globe Award after the selection, C Lo lost to Messi missed the golden ball, and in the near future, his sculpture was splashed with red paint.

Jan 10, 2017