NBA Live mobile version of the use of 3D modeling technology is the mainstream in the picture

After the global manufacturers of well-known game EA in "basketball overlord" battle to defeat the enemy 2K, had to make the idea of the adjustment, gave up the traditional host with the PC side, but he moved to the mobile terminal to reverse the decline in a certain extent. And this is the high hopes of the work, it is already with the shelves in July, NBA Live mobile version.

After the launch of the just and no native Chinese, so this game in Chinese area does not have much response, but let the mobile terminal "2K17" with double ghost The early bird catches, traditional and simplified Chinese flap valve Chinese achieved good sales performance. Now aware of their carelessness after awakening EA finally added a game for the Asian Version, and add a traditional Chinese, this is a blessing for the domestic game player it is.

As the EA basketball game's latest work, "NBA Live" mobile version of the use of 3D modeling technology is the mainstream in the picture, the whole game venues, players skills and other aspects are made to restore the true, and the gameplay inherits the previously acclaimed version of the cross mode for new game player it is also difficult to reduce. As for the model, in addition to the regular season game player in the traditional mode, as will be able to experience the new "challenge", "online", "daily tasks" and a variety of modes, you can choose a team, then a season I finally stable championship, holding the Obrien Cup "as the MVP finals, marry white Formica, walk on the pinnacle of life, think about it, really a little excited!

Setting, the game player joined the love and hate the physical system, and after entering the game, game player must be both player and coach the dual task, led his teammates to win at the same time learn strategies. Of course, like the game in real life the length of pause in this work is not available, and the game player is not the so-called consumption that played the absolute envy be nothing difficult.

From the Asian version of the experience report, at present the Chinese just completed system and operation etc., and as for the team name, the name of the player is still in use English version, do not know if this is intentional or shoddy, but still regret, even if the game is currently launched the Asian Version, but in the middle of the App Store we did not find the game you want to experience for the game player may have to spend some time from Hong Kong Macao and Taiwan server to download.

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Jan 18, 2017