"NBA2K17" air and space to cut inside the tactical Raiders

NBA2K17 "the offensive tactic is very important, today we bring the NBA2K17 empty and empty cut inside the tactical Raiders, to teach you how to use the empty cut inside, want to learn the offensive game player not miss, with the view of NBA2K17 cutting guide tactics inside.

Direct call roll, the blocking end cut throw empty, but is easy to block the other big mistakes before, it is best to use double yearning for someone holding before the opposite direction, to stop after the defender and the big front are on the other side, throwing empty then the success rate will be higher, also can to break, but I do not know why 2k17 computer defense is very sticky feeling, you can also reduce your speed in the rear side.

Forward double words, can click the cut, no move bag of words, you are blocking the defense, the other person before or will to delay the picture above I didn't press it again to make big breakthrough before, his breakthrough, actually did not stop, but our former start point guards and roll forward on the station, the first time I get to the other before will step forward to delay, then cut the top 16 is basically open, if I love the ordinary pass, 17 empty with high success rate a lot, can not form a vacancy the pick and roll when the opposing point guard stick forward, switch, I usually pass before your guard back playing hard.

Transposition, the big back to play the point guard basically no pressure, with a very high success rate of the back, encountered a bag clip on the sub

Back to back by x then seemed to be back this with jump?? The usual trigger step to dribble feeling easier than trigger jump step, left stick away from the basket by X basically can trigger step, jump step should be to have players left the movement trend basket rocking bar to the basket and from the 3 second district is close enough (just a guess is not necessarily accurate)

Oct 21, 2016