NBA2K17 three file update content

Fixed a problem at some point in time when the color of the uniform will be in a certain match with each other in a unified conflict.

After the basket, the score will no longer be updated on the score card until the animation has been completed; it should be too confusing.

Fixed a case in which your friends list who's online menu will disappear while watching it.

Dunk animation will correct in contact equipment on your myplayer now.


He should now make relentless Minetta badge contact layup level appropriate bonus.

Fixed an extremely rare likely to happen in a player trying to rebound.

Mypark / Pro-Am 2K

In the case of fixed, certain jump shot animations will cause the firing table to report an incorrect very late time in the case of high latency.

to solve a problem, if your opponent is interrupted by a team game under certain conditions, you will not be granted a victory.

the user on the bet will always submit the right bet before joining the next queue.

My career / MyCOURT

Fixed a situation that would cause the load to a black screen title for the game.

connection events will now always appear on the schedule once you agree with them / set them up.

To solve a pit, can occur in trying to enter the 3 / myplayer slam dunk contest when you hurt.

Fixed a possible hang up when loading into a live practice when some players were injured while your team was at the same time.

Note: all patch fixes will work in your existing game mode save.

Number 3 after the game still exists in the small BUG summary:

5 passes of BUG1:3v3 training scores after training, the most close to the basket at a party member who sometimes kept back toward the position of the figure dribble probably has been moving into position after the movement is to stay. We both forward roll call or pass are invalid, only the offensive end of time.

BUG2: free throw training, sometimes he will adjust the position after the free throw to adjust the position, looks legs has been shaking a non-stop, like in the 99999 shake the same mother. This BUG is also to wait about 24-30 seconds to return to normal, the number of times to return to normal after the number of free throws.

BUG3: the 6 foul in the game can still be left on the court at times. You will not leave until the next game is interrupted.

Oct 25, 2016