NFL 17 massive open elements help to create perfect football experience

Recently, "Madden NFL 17 (Madden NFL 17)" the cover has been published, EA also released its first trailer and a lot of new information, let us look at it.

"Madden NFL Series" every game in the past are around a core, such as "NFL 15" is the core of defense. EA said, Xbox One and PS4 version of the "NFL 17" will contain three parts: Attack (offense), defense (Defense) and rugby team SWAT (speccial teams). As for the Xbox 360 and the PS3 version of the "NFL 17" is such a treatment, we still do not know.

In the attack, game player can control the player with the ball. EA explained in a blog tweet saying: "we introduced a hierarchical system in the game (tiered, system) in the system, each player's attributes, speed and rank determines that they can release what Nirvana on the pitch. In the "NFL 17" game, both tall like chariot rolling over man, also have good use of smart agile, fake little man."

But this interesting setting also makes the game "NFL 17" a more complicated game. In order to allow players to get started, EA also specifically added some tips to guide the player how to operate. In addition, there is a new option called Assist Path to provide suggestions for the player to control the role movement. If the player chooses to lower the difficulty of the game, then the player will control the part will be reduced accordingly, the game will automatically help you choose the right position and action.

Here to talk about defense. In "NFL 17", the player will be able to assignments through the gap (GAP) this new feature in the game to better protect teammates. Part of the "defense force defenders (orce deFenders)" will try to attack the ball players from the sidelines forced back to the center of the field. In addition, EA almost reworked the zone, they said: "we will join in this part eight" Madden "there has never been a foul ball tactic."

In view of this, EA also wrote: "NFL 17" in the AI defenders can realize the pitch of each region possible threats, and can automatically search to teammate. In addition, they not only can full ball site running, can form a solid line of defense in the game. This can be said to be the most realistic and witty AI of the series so far."

Of course, in the "football team SWAT" also has a lot of interesting things in this part. "A new kick counter is used in NFL 17" (kick in meter). EA said the introduction of this counter is in order to make the existing NFL game becomes more challenging". In the game, game player can also use ice to play xiabanzi. The introduction of the new game mechanism also increased the content of this part of the risk and opportunities.

Oct 13, 2016