NFL2017 All-Star Game List announced Brady was elected 12 times

The NFL career bowl, which is the All-Star Game, is conventionally held the week before the annual Super Bowl. This season's professional bowl will be held on January 30 in Orlando, Tencent sports video broadcast. The league announced today the list of selected professional bowls.

Over the past few seasons of professional bowls, and a few years ago the NBA rookie tournament is similar to the rotation by two groups of retired players choose the way team. But this year, the unit has returned to the traditional way of the League vs League of Nations against.

Offensive Group

Wide receiver: Anthony - Brown * (Pittsburgh Steelers), Amari - Cooper * (Auckland Raiders), AJ-Green (Cincinnati Tigers), TY-Hilton (Indianapolis Colt)

Closing: Joe - Thomas * (Cleveland Brown), Donald - Payne * (Auckland Raiders), Taylor - Levin (Tennessee Titans)

Guardian: Marshall - Yanda * (Baltimore Crow), Korczy - Osmani * (Auckland Raiders), David - De Castro (Pittsburgh Steelers)

Center: Rodney Hudson * (Auckland Raiders), Maukis - Ponce (Pittsburgh Steelers)

Traverse - Kelsey * (Kansas City Chiefs), Delaney - Walker (Tennessee Titans)

Quarterback: Tom Brady (New England Patriots), Derrick Carr (Auckland Raiders), Ben Rosilisburg (Pittsburgh Steelers)

Running back: Levine - Bell * (Pittsburgh Steelers), De Marco - Murray (Tennessee Titans), Le Sean - McCoy (Buffalo Bill)

Full: Kyle-Jozick * (Baltimore Ravens)

Defensive group

Defensive end: Cali - Mark * (Auckland Raiders), Cameron - Wacker * (Miami Dolphins), Judd - Clooney (Houston Texans)

Defensive inside: Keno - Atkins * (Cincinnati Tigers), Endam Kung - Su * (Miami Dolphins), Jared - Casey (Tennessee Titans)

(Denver Broncos), Lorenzo - Alexander * (Buffalo Bill), Brian - Orakpo (Tennessee Titans)

In-line defender / midline guard: Denta - Hartowell (New England Patriots), CJ-Mosley (Baltimore Ravens)

Corbett: Marcus-Peters * (Kansas City Chiefs), Azib-Talib * (Denver Broncos), Casey Hayward (San Diego Lightning), Chris Harris (Denver Broncos)

Freedom Security: German - McCourtie * (New England Patriots), Reggie - Nelson (Auckland Raiders)

Strong Side Security: Eric Berry * (Kansas City Chiefs)

Secret Service Group

Discard Kick: Pat McCaffe (Indianapolis Colt)

Kicker: Justin Tucker (Baltimore Ravens)

Back to the attacker: Terrick - Hill * (Kansas City Chiefs)

Secret Service Group members: Matthew - Slater * (New England Patriots)

League of Nations

Offensive Group

(New York Giants), Mike - Evans (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), Larry - Fitzgerald (Arizona), the United States, Cardinals

Tallon - Smith * (Dallas Cowboys), Trent - Williams * (Washington Redskins), Jason - Peters (Philadelphia Eagles)

Guardian: Zach - Martin * (Dallas Cowboys), Brandon - Shelf * (Washington Redskins), TJ - Long (Green Bay Packers)

Center: Travis - Frederick * (Dallas Cowboys), Alex - Mark (Atlanta Falcon)

Near end: Greg - Olsen * (Carolina Panthers), Jordan - Reed (Washington Redskins)

Quarterback: Matt Ryan * (Atlanta Falcon), Aaron - Rogers (Green Bay Packers), Duck - Prescott (Dallas Cowboys)

Running: Ezekiel - Elliott * (Dallas Cowboys), David - Johnson (Arizona Cardinals), Devon - Freeman (Atlanta Falcon)

Full: Mike - Tolbert * (Carolina Panthers)

Defensive group

Defensive end: Iverson - Griffin * (Minnesota Vikings), Cliff - Afriel * (Seattle Seahawks), Michael - Bennett (Seattle Seahawks)

Defense inside: Aaron - Donald * (Los Angeles Rams), Steven Gerrard - McCoy * (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), Fletcher - Cox (Philadelphia Eagles)

Perimeter Guard: Vic Beasley (Atlanta Falcon), Ryan Corrigan (Washington Redskins), Thomas Davis (Carolina Panthers)

Beneath Wagner * (Seattle Seahawks), Luke - Kirkley (Carolina Panthers)

(New York Giants), Patrick - Peterson * (Arizona Cardinals), Richard - Sherman (Seattle Seahawks), Javier - Rhodes (Minnesota Vikings), Jeremy Jenkins,

Free security guard: Harrison - Smith * (Minnesota Vikings), Haha - Clinton - Dix (Green Bay Packers)

Strong Side Safety: Langdon Collins (New York Giants)

Secret Service Group

Abandoned Kick: Johnny Heckel * (Los Angeles Rams)

Kicker: Matt - Bryant * (Atlanta Falcon)

Back Attacker: Kodalel Patterson * (Minnesota Vikings)

Secret Service Group members: Dwayne - Harris * (New York Giants)

These are the current selection of the professional bowl of the list, but then the actual entry list there will be some adjustments. The main reasons are: first, the players do not need to enter the Super Bowl bowl, and the second is due to the date of the regular season after the end of nearly a month, many injured players at the end of the season for professional bowls will choose illness Not out. The third is to participate in the playoffs players will also want to get more rest time, so give up playing opportunities. In last year's professional bowl, lost the previous week, respectively, the League of Nations and the League of Nations final Patriots and Cardinals two teams, a total of 14 people selected list, and ultimately only two people play.

The Tigers' proximal end, Effert, had an injury to the ankle in an occupation bowl last season and had to miss the entire preseason. The ankle injury and another back injury left him in the regular season Six games. Just yesterday, he also said in an interview, if selected professional bowl he would be happy, but he certainly will not play. This makes the attendance rate is not high on the original situation worse.

In today's pick list, the Detroit Lions, New Orleans Saints, San Francisco 49, Chicago Bears, Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets 6 team no one selected. Behind the four teams belong to the season of the underdog, no one selected can still understand. At present, the third in the League of Nations, the first position of the League of Nations lions even no one selected, it is shocking, people can not help but question the convincing results of the vote.

Midland Second, the AL West Raiders were the first team selected seven people, for the current maximum. Followed by six people selected for the Falcons. Cowboy, Steelers and Titans each have five people selected.

Although the season was suspended for four games, the Patriots quarterback Brady after the return or to the wonderful performance, to career 12th selected occupation bowl list, is the oldest player this year. After him, Brown team left tackle Thomas and Cardinals took over Fitzgerald are selected for the 10th time, of which, Thomas became the league's history, the first five career 10 years all selected professional bowl player. He has never missed an offense since he was drafted in 2007, and the ten-time selection allowed him to surpass Brown's first place, one of the greatest players in NFL history, running back Jim Brown, Become the team history selected the most players.

On the other hand, three rookie players this year were selected, namely the Cowboys quarterback Prescott, running back Elliott, and the chiefs back to attack Hill.

Dec 21, 2016