NHL 17 defensive stance over 40 game player on the ice to do push ups

"NHL 17" will be formally met with everyone. Today, EA has revealed a series of information about the new work, in addition to the release of a new trailer for the work. From the current situation, "NHL 17" than before, each of the main aspects are more or less improved, such as posture, defensive stance and goalkeeper offensive. Let's look at the specific information it.

First of all, in the net defense, the defender will have more tools available to the impending ice hockey open, or to the other players on the line outside the barrier. In addition, the impact of the target level is also improved, which makes the behavior of the defensive players become more efficient. In the "NHL 17", the goalkeeper position for more than 40, each game player where you can enjoy the unique and realistic gaming experience.

Secondly, on the offensive, "NHL 17" than before also have no small progress, in which you can enjoy the game player smoother dribbling, slide on the ice and pick up ice hockey experience. Compared to before, those who want to make full use of the point of view and score advantage of the players can easily make relatively dangerous action. EA in the newly released "NHL 17" of the notice, a player for the chest as the fulcrum of the rotating body to break through the defense, and another player will push the ball on the ground after the defender knocked into the net. In addition, the "NHL 17" contains more than 30 celebrations, game player can even do push ups on the ice in the score after.

Earlier, "NHL 17" on the cover in was held in Las Vegas NHL Festival announced, Saint Louis Blues striker Vladimir Tarasenko. It is reported that, NHL 17 is expected to be officially landed in September 13th, as well as the Xbox One PS4 platform.

Oct 19, 2016