Patriots complete shaking big deal

In yesterday's New England Patriots and Buffalo Bier regional civil war game, when the game to the third quarter 3 minutes and 32 seconds, the Patriots in the scoring area 6 yards line before the attack, when the file is about to attack Bill's end of the grapple, the stands of Bill fans suddenly a dildo into the Patriot player's side, from the slow motion playback point of view, this thing is obviously thrown in the Patriots players away, and close-up Very clear, even the details of a good capture of a lot, you can see the dildo read: Tom - Brady's XXX, which is enough to see Bill fans of the deep resentment of Brady, you know Brady led the Patriots to face Bill almost did not lose. Of course, the Patriots coach and players are unwilling to comment on the matter, just waiting for the Union to deal with. But the Boston press has written about it. As the FCC rules, similar terms at any time can not be directly used, so today's media reports have said: Yesterday's game there is a Goodell (NFL current president) was thrown on the court.

Trump again provoked NFL

Donald Trump has once again demonstrated his big mouth, since the last "locker room remarks", he provocative explanation of the NFL this season, the reasons for the decline in ratings. Trump said that because of the presidential election will begin, people will support the political situation, and Hillary with their fierce confrontation, words of the most important, which the audience are like, the ratings surge normal. Another reason is that 49 quarterback Capec Nick protest the national anthem, so the patriotic audience is now very critical of the NFL. But in fact, this year's election really harvested higher ratings than ever, but with the attention of the NFL game is still a long time.

Patriot shaking deal scared everyone

Patriots will be the main linebacker Jermaine - Collins sent to Cleveland Brown, in exchange for a 2017 third-round compensation for draft picks. This is a surprise decision. Because the current contract Kelin left half a year, even if the Patriots do not renew his contract next year, according to the provisions of the NFL, the Patriots can also be in 2018 to get a third round of compensation for draft picks. The deal, the Patriots did not win more benefits, but also weakened the strength of the defense group. But this may determine the contract is about to expire and Heinrich Butler will stay in the Patriot, because perhaps the Patriots can save a lot of money to retain the other players. Patriots can not afford to spend more money to leave some of their defensive players. This patriot will generally start the transaction in a timely manner, rather than wait until the other team players in the offseason to dig away and nothing to change their own, this is the Patriot and Billy Cech years of style. It is worth mentioning that a defense in the game may directly determine the fate of Collins, Collins defense in that file when the Collins try to impact and then fell to the middle, and then gave each other 28 yards. After the ball he was replaced, and in no how to play. This may be the decisive patriots to make a choice to kill the reason.

This - Ross Riesberg recovered rapidly return to Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers' quarterback, Ros Riesberg, has returned to the team's training ground on Monday just two weeks after he finished his surgery with a meniscus injury in a dolphin match. Roslisberger has so far missed only one game, while Steelers in his injured second week after the game bye, which gave the Big Ben a better recovery time. The Steelers are now two-game losing streak, a record of 4 wins and 3 losses, but is still in the Midland North ranked Cincinnati Tigers and Baltimore ravens in front, it seems likely to participate in this week's game Rosberg Berg. The team's star running run Levi - Bell in an interview with the media that Big Ben participated in the team's confrontation training.

Legends outside took over

Tennessee Titans wide receiver Andre - Johnson ready to retire. 35-year-old veteran Johnson also for the Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans team effectiveness, and it is worth mentioning that he was in Houston, Texas, who contributed a legendary career. As the best player in the history of Texas, Johnson's career to complete the astonishing 1062 regular-season catch, made 14,185 yards with 70 touchdowns. He has seven seasons catch the ball over a thousand yards, which is very scary, Johnson has already made an appointment for a Hall of Fame. Johnson is currently only completed in the Titans 9 times 85 yards 2 touchdowns. For Andrea - Johnson, he is already a legend, and he does not need to go do more, he only needs to decide when to retire.

Nov 2, 2016