The new model of FIFA 17 The Journey

Famous football simulation game "FIFA" series at the end of last month to launch a new "FIFA 17", perhaps many fans have to take advantage of the National Day Golden Week holiday opportunity to scramble in front of the screen. The new biggest selling point is the launch of the new model "The Journey, the player can play a 17-year-old British star Aleks Hunt, feel he became a hot star from the nameless ups and downs of life.

This is the FIFA series for the first time to join the story mode, many fans look forward to this video game version of the "one ball fame" story. As the king of football games, FIFA tries to inject more possibilities into football games. Starway mode to the impact of a player-level event-level experience, but also implies the development of FIFA business partners, some new ways to play.

Star mode Hunter was born in the football family, grandfather Jim Hunter in the 60's reputed, his father Harold Hunter is due to injury early end of his career. Little Hunter in a London U11 event scored the winning penalty, with good friends Gary Walker determined to become a professional player. But the father always felt that the child can not get any big success, and finally left the family alone went to overseas. Leaving the grandfather and mother Catherine upbringing Hunt.

Although adolescent growth without his father, but this does not affect him on the court gradually come to the fore. At the age of 17, Hunter and Walker in a football college graduation training in the outstanding performance, it was famous broker Michael Taylor. Taylor signed two small players, and give them the chance to join the professional team. At this time, players can choose one of the Premier League from the 20 teams as their starting point for their career.

After joining the Premier League team, Hunter and Walker participated in the team's overseas training. Walker's development seems to be more smooth than Hunter, the first league game in the new season to get started. Hunter has been a substitute. With the team signed another reinforcements, played a limited number of Hunt was leased to the British crown team (players can from last season's three Premier League relegation team Newcastle, between Aston Villa and Norwich select).

After Hunter and Walker were in the British crown and Premiership dazzling performance. But Walker made a little good results began to self-expansion, and his teammates become stiff, and finally made to transfer the team to the sworn enemy. Walker left, the team recalled Hunt. Hunter officially launched the Premier League tour. But former friends Walker is always sarcastic remarks, the two also so evil. If Hunter performed well under the control of the player, then the end of the story is Hunter and Walker met in the FA Cup final. Hunter beat his opponent, and get the England national team's call.

Oct 24, 2016