Top angle guard Marcus - Peters' low profile story

Today I will introduce you to the NFL Rising of a two-way line star, Kansas City Chiefs squad leader - Marcus - Peters.

January 9, 1993, Peters was born in Oakland, California. Like many of the players we had previously introduced, Peters was also a football and athletic amphibious player in high school. At Maclemonds High School in Auckland, he shine in 2010 for the school to win the 100m and 200m Auckland League championships, while at the same time on the rugby court as a cornerback with seven steals, as kick-off and Abandoned kick back to attack the hands of 6 times back to touchdowns, led the school team played 12 wins and 0 negative record, he himself won the Auckland League League MVP awards. Although the absolute star in the local, Peters is still considered unable to compare with the East Coast a lot of cornerback, graduated from high school, he was only considered the National No. 30 angle, and ultimately he chose the University of Washington.

At the University of Washington, Peters did not debut in the 2011 season, the "red shirt" for a year. 2012 season he found the location in the team, 13 games 44 times grappling 3 steals. 2013 season is his most successful year, 13 games 5 scrambling 9 times to interrupt the pass 1 made the ball 1 sack 55 grapple, selected the Pacific 12 strong league (Pac-12) season best team Two teams, so he began to attract a nationwide attention, and then hit a good 2014 season, he hopes to become the 2015 NFL draft of the number one cornerback. But the 2014 season's process is contrary to the expected. In this year, the University of Washington appointed Chris - Peterson as head coach, and Peters seems difficult to adapt to the new coaching group coaching philosophy. He repeatedly with the coaching staff on the verbal conflict, in the beginning of the season was the team suspended a game, to November, the coaching staff finally endured him, put him out of the team.

Despite the embarrassing way that the university ended in the third year, Peters' strength was still well affirmed. Before being dismissed from the team, he has been generally considered to be selected in the first round, and ultimately this matter did not affect his overall position. 2015 NFL draft, he was the first round of the 18th was Kansas City Chief of the team selected, is the third selected corner of the guard.

For Peters, it is fortunate that the chief guard at this time is only Sean - Smith one person, another location is not clear the main force. So after the offseason competition, Peters in the rookie season has become the main force of the team. In the first game of the 2015 season, Peters, in his first defense of his career, steals the Houston quarterback Brian Hoyer, the most eye-catching way to start him Of the career, and gradually become no one can block The second game against the Denver Broncos, he steals the Payton - Manning pass, but also to attack back touchdowns.

In the career stage is so amazing, Peters is naturally attracted the attention of opponents and the media. And his performance did not decline. In the next game, he has steals the Minnesota Vikings Teddy - Bridgewater, Mustang Manning (second), Auckland Raiders Derek - Carl (in Peters Hometown elders), Baltimore Ravens Jimmy - Clausson (single field twice), and Cleveland Brown's Johnny Manzier. This season he played 16 games in full swing, eight steals tied for the league first, 26 times to break the ball for the league second. In the rookie season he played the top corner of the performance, ending all the prizes on the defensive team rookie suspense. In this year, he was selected for the professional bowl, easily won the season's best defensive rookie awards. The most convincing is that he also selected the best team in the season team. In the playoffs, he again steals Hoyer, helping the team 30-0 away to Texas. But in the division, the team lost to the New England Patriots.

2016 season, Peters continued to maintain the top performance, although the data is not as good as the previous year, but his overall value is actually better. The second game of the season, facing the favorite opponent of Texas, he steals the Brock - Oswil twice. A week later, he again steals Ryan Fitzpatrick. The sixth week, he again in front of his hometown father steals Derek - Karl. 5 games 5 steals, making in the next game, the opponents quarterists are not dare to pass the direction of his defense pass. The chiefs also triumphed again, following the regular season after the 10-game winning streak in the 2015 season, and this time they won 10 wins and 1s in the last 11 games and won the Midland title. Peters in the 15 games 6 steals (tied for the league second) 20 times to interrupt the pass (tied for the league third) 1 made the ball. This time, he was selected for the best team in the season team, which means that he is the best performance of the 2016 season, one of the two cornerback. Unfortunately, the chiefs still failed to further in the playoffs, once again fell in the partition game.

Peters are very low-key in private life. Peters also has a son in 2015, he will be made in the social networking site of his son's photos. But at the same time, he never talked about his social networking site with the opposite sex. So now we do not know who the mother of the child is, do not know whether Peters is still with her.

This is the story of Marcus Peters. Just two years of his career, let him become one of the top corner guards of the NFL, is also ranked before Butler and Patrick - Peterson, the league's best 90 after cornerback. In the brightweight defensive group of the chiefs, Peters has grown into a leader-level figure. Expect him to continue to maintain a high level of performance in the new season.

Mar 2, 2017