UEFA will not investigate Ibrahimovic

In the fourth round of the European Cup group stage, Manchester United 1-2 defeat to Fenerbahce game, Ibrahimovic once had a Danish defender Simon - Kyle lock throat behavior, but according to the British "Daily Mirror "News, UEFA will not investigate the incident, Manchester United striker will not be punished for this action.

In Ibrahim effectiveness of Paris Saint-Germain, Simon - Kyle had played in Lille, the two had a battle in the French arena, and now the two men in Manchester United against Fenerbahce's European Cup tournament for their Lord, the game, the two had a conflict, and recently into the scoring drought Ibrahimovic, against the Kyle lifted the lock-throat action. However, when the referee Madzic did not make any penalty, and this incident was the fourth official to see, in his view, further punishment is not necessary, therefore, Ibrahimovic lock throat events will not be Europe FIFA's investigation, and Ibrahimovic will not be punished.

"This is part of football, I do not want to talk about a person." Kyle is criticizing the arrogance of Ibrahimovic, "Ibrahimovic on the pitch," said Fenerbahce coach Ed Wakat, I did not hear what he was talking about, but I knew he was in a bad mood, and he showed me what kind of person he was on the court, he always I know it 's just a game, and I do not want the situation to expand, it' s not my first conversation with him on the court and I know how he will react.

Nov 5, 2016