Warriors at home to reverse the record of the Clippers

Warriors today at home to reverse the 123-113 victory over the Clippers, made two consecutive victories at the same time the end of the opponent 4 straight. Warriors up to 16 points behind the war, but the third section of the Warriors launched a fierce counterattack, single-point rival 24 points to achieve reversal. Stephen - Curry became the number one hero to win the hero, his third section of a single under the boom of 20 sub-magic reversal. In addition, the Warriors for the second season of the regular season swept the Clippers, the Clippers have been ho to take 10 consecutive victories, at home Oracle Arena on the Clippers is 11 straight.

In the first half of today, warriors play is not very aggressive. The team played also lack of efficiency, Kevin - Durant first only 7 of 2 shots, Drey Real - Green 3 vote 1, the team only Stephen - Curry one scored double. Half past, the Warriors team only got 49 points, hit rate is 38 shots 16, only 42.1%.

But do not know what happened in the intermission, in the third quarter, the warrior spirit of a new look, offensive and defensive rhythm a lot faster, and Guards three-pointers re-emergence.

In fact, the third section of the Clippers played well, they shot 9 of 19, hit rate of 47.4%; but how can the Warriors more metamorphosis, they shot 23 of 17, hit rate of 73.9%, leaving only the Clippers 6 rebounds chance , While the Clippers grabbed only two backcourt rebounds, the other hand, the Warriors, they grabbed four offensive rebounds, he also grabbed 10 defensive rebounds, on the rebound to 14-3 made absolute suppression The

There is a rebound when the ammunition, the Warriors rocket launchers will not stop. The third quarter, Durant 7 vote 6, three-pointers 4 vote 3, Pachulia and Thompson are 2 vote 2, Curry 9 vote 6, of which three-pointers 8 vote 5. Warriors team shot three shots in 9, a single under 50 points.

This is not only the NBA this season, the highest score, but also the NBA since the 20th season, the third team has a single 50 points under the boom. The last time the team to do this, or March 26, 2014 the Lakers. When the Lakers are still in the case of Bryant truce, and Steve - Nash, Paul - Gasol also truce. In the end, Jodi - Meeks, Kent - Bazmer, Xavier - Henry and Nick - Young, Sackle and others created a miracle, they scored 51 points in the third quarter.

Feb 24, 2017