Xbox One S Madden NFL 17 Bundled package official listing

Although Microsoft in the beginning of this month on the opening of the One S Xbox host sales, but the 2TB version of the One S Xbox due to limited supply, demand is strong, many players are difficult to start. Now quite a value 1TB version of Xbox One S "Madden NFL 17" the host bundle finally officially on sale and delivery of the reservation to the game player. This book is only 1TB capacity Xbox One $349 purchase of S is now officially bundled with a host available at Microsoft mall, Amazon, best buy, Target and GameStop.

This bundle occupation football league game host presented "Madden NFL 17" free, 7 ultimate game prop bag, January EA free Access service experience, as well as the NFLShop website 20% discount code. In addition Microsoft today announced its recently launched NFL version of 1TB Xbox One S team, NFL team has 32 exclusive design theme, the 32 Taiwan NFL theme 1TB Xbox team is the one and only One S out to Xbox One S promotional sweepstakes, Madden NFL 17 bundle. The user can enter the relevant promotional website, to vote for the most love team theme, or by Xbox 360 and Xbox One console into the vote, or follow Xbox's Twitter account, forwarding Madden NFL 17 tweets to participate in the lottery.

Microsoft announced in the E3 2016 game show the new lightweight design of the One S Xbox host, which enhance the processing performance and support 4K video. And the power adapter built-in, reduced the volume of 40%, and increased HDR support.

Oct 27, 2016