A Big New ARK Survival Evolution PS4 update will also be available later this week

The ARK Survival Evolved update on the Xbox One is now available and reportedly causes some players to have problems connecting to the game.

The news has been confirmed by the developer Studio Wildcard, he provided more information on the current situation.

A new 3GB patch should be available for everyone, but for those trying to play games this weekend, the problem persists.

ARK Survival Evolved

One user explained: "I can not see any server after applying the patch, the level shows 768.5, but it does not prompt to update to 769.

"I did a hard reset of my Xbox One and I also tried uninstalling the Abb DLC and reinstalling the Abb DLC."

The official patch description for the ARK update confirms that many fixes are included in the Aberration DLC and can be viewed at the bottom of this article.

Studio Wildcard has posted a workaround for this issue, as this game's reporting does not work, though this may not apply to everyone.

"It is usually reported that when you try to start the game, it will pop up an error message, and then ask you to download the latest 3GB update, and then can not do it.

Current issues include:

Start the game

You receive the error message

Accept notice to download updates

Failed to download update

Restart the game

An error occurred

Start the game and it will ask you to download the update

Although Wildcard has not confirmed how they plan to solve the current problem, a new patch may be released in the coming days.

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Jan 16, 2018