Affiliate Program

Our Affiliatian Program is our best efforttowards a better mutual benefit relationship between us and our faithfulcustomers, in which our customer get 10% commission of every deal they bring usin return for advertising our website or landing clients.

Easy Steps-

1. Register With Us :

2.After Successful registration u will get yourreference link which will be used to track the orders that you bring us.

3.Dont forget to ask ur followers to usethis reference link to place order with!

4. With every successful order u will beawarded per order as a total at the month's.

5. Payments are usually made throughpaypal!


-If you want game currencey or any otheritem from our store we will convert the amount we owe u into the game currencyu desire.

-Only Orders tagged with #Complete statusmake the final count, meaning Refunds / ChargeBack orders will not be countedand credited for.

-u cannot use any other's affiliation linkor paste it under our social media.

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