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Tera is a popular MMORPG developed by Bluehole Studio. Since release, it has had millions of players around the world. Recently, a new content update hit in Tera and brings skill balance changes to every class, as well as four new, class-specific character stats. Here is some of the class changes. You can check the offical site for detailed information. 


New passive skill: Cunning Practice (Increases Physical Resistance by 5%)

New passive skill: Shield Mastery (Increases the power of the several skills in proportion the character’s Physical Resistance)

Boosted skills: Onslaught, Shield Bash, Shield Counter, Debilitate, Shield Barrage, Wallop, Super Leap, Stand Fast, Guardian’s Barrier, Iron Will, Second Wind, Pledge of Protection, Debilitate



New passive skill: Strong Will (Increases Physical Amplification by 5%)

New passive skill: Pugilism Mastery (Increases the damage reflected by Perfect Defense in proportion to the characters Physical Amplification)

Boosted skills: Growing Fury, Jackhammer


New Stat: Ignore Physical Resistance

New passive skill: Strong Blade (Increases Ignore Physical Resistance in proportion to your Physical Amplification)

Boosted skills: Heart Thrust, Overpower


New passive skill: Fatal Injury (Increases the explosion damage of Scythe and Aerial Scythe in proportion to your Physical Amplification)

Boosted skills: Poison Blade, Defensive Stance, Combative Strike


New stat: Physical Penetration

New passive skill: Shrieking Arrow (Increases Physical Penetration and skill damage of overcharged skills in proportion to your Physical Amplification)

Boosted skills: Windsong, Wind Walk, Poison Arrow

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Apr 30, 2020