Boss in Final Fantasy XIV: Hobbes

Arguably the most challenging fight in the entire raid, this will have each alliance on their own platforms. If you can, position your healers on the sides because it’s the only way for players in other alliances to get you (otherwise you’ll be out of range). This isn’t like The Orbonne Monastery Thunder God where it’s reliant on each group working together. This also rotates different attack patterns to each party.

Laser-resistance test: Raid-wide attack that hits three times initially, and up to six times later on.

Ring Laser: More positional damage that comes in waves and moves closer to the center of the platform. Stand directly in the middle or move into the area it has already struck to avoid damage.

Laser Sight: This will be a stack in front and behind mechanic. It will happen whilst one of the attack patterns below occurs.

Attack Pattern 1: Fiery End

If the flamethrowers on the back of the wall are lit up in the middle, get to the sides. If they’re lit up on the sides, stay in the middle. Get to an area where they’re not lit up.

Attack Pattern 2: Surprise Mechanics

The claw will grab a giant box from below. Get to the outside to avoid the proximity marker, and position yourself on the corners of the box. The box’s sides will fall over causing massive damage  it hits.

The robots inside will target players. Have the tank grab the tethers and mitigate damage.

Attack Pattern 3: Giant Claw 

When the claw comes down, it will put  down two markers. One doughnut AOE and another that has two cone cleaves at around 45 degrees each. Each is on one half of the arena.

What can be confusing is the turning mechanic because many expect the cleaves to simply rotate 45 degrees onto the current safe area.

Instead, it will rotate 90 degrees. So the cleave safe area will remain safe for the second and third cleave, but the doughnut will need to be dodged.

You only have a second to react, so the best way to handle the doughnut is to stay on the outside. You can stay closer to the center, but there is an overlap you need to watch out for.

Attack Pattern 4: Alliance-specific Attacks

This is where things can get tricky. Each platform will receive a unique onslaught. All will be tied together with mechanics such as not touching a specific part of the arena, avoiding AOEs, Ring Lasers and stacks.

Platform A has glowing lines to avoid

Platform B is turned into a conveyor belt

Platform C you just need to avoid the bubbling areas (like in Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum (Hard)’s final boss, but reversed)

This can be a bit of a chaotic fight, but relatively simple once you get the mechanics down. Really, only attack pattern 3 can be troublesome.


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Nov 3, 2019