Career patterns and professional clubs have hardly changed in FIFA 19

EA told GameSpot that in addition to the content listed above, the company focused on obtaining permission from the UEFA Champions League and ensuring that it is true and correct, so there is no time to make changes or adjustments in the Professional or Professional edition. club.

“As far as the professional model is concerned, we decided to make sure that the Champions League experience is 100% true,” said Sam Rivera, the main game producer. "When it is the Champions League day, everything is changing - [there is a] reskin. This is our highest priority."

Rivera continued, although the two models will not change much now, but this does not rule out more changes in the future.

“But we are listening to our fans. They are always looking for more things, bigger things, on the professional mode [and] in the professional club. Now we are discussing what we can add in the future. We know it is a very passionate The community. We are currently announcing this for these models. We are actively engaged in dialogue, listening to [community] and seeing what we can bring to these models."

It is worth noting that in addition to the UEFA Champions League, both models will see more licensees, which will be announced before the release. It is speculated that this will come in the form of a leaked Chinese alliance.

All of this says, what is new? Well, not much. The biggest change seems to be the addition of the cut-out animation of the locker room, despite how broad and powerful these will be, who knows. If your team wins the UEFA Champions League, it will now add an extreme difficulty and now add a star above your club badge, just like a team wins a famous tournament in real life.

As for the professional club, no changes have been announced and it seems that there have been no changes.

Aug 26, 2018