EA new NHL 17 announced the most exciting game of ice hockey

Sports EA officially announced its "North American professional hockey league" series of new "NHL 17", the game or the game will be around September this year, landing Xbox and One PS4 platform.

The developer also discloses a named "Vision" trailer, which shows the development of the game behind the scenes and some parts of the game pieces, but still more in the present game content and characteristics. In the trailer, the narrator said: "NHL 17" will be the most fitting through the current trend of the game mode to give players a more profound, more free gaming experience."

In short, for the NHL 17, the game, EA can be described as ambitious, they claim that the aim is to create a large, the most exciting game of hockey".

It is worth mentioning that, "NHL 17" will be the cover of the players in the forum for multiple rounds of voting, the first round of voting in May 2nd to be held today, followed by the second round, the third round of the vote.

The first round of voting options will be listed below to the players who are interested in the words can click here to vote. In addition, players can also use the "name] #NHL17[player" on Twitter to participate in voting. There is no limit to the number of votes for each person, and it is interesting to note that if the vote is on Thursday, the vote is counted by two.

The first round of voting options:

Pavelski vs. Anze Kopitar Joe

Barkov vs. Jamie Benn Aleksander

McDavid vs. Jakub Voracek Connor

Tarasenko vs. Victor Hedman Vladimir

EA will be held in June 22nd in Las Vegas, the NHL Awards announced the final selection of the cover role, at the same time, at the awards ceremony, EA will be the first time to show the actual game screen NHL 17.

EA last year in the Xbox 360 and PS3 platform on the issue of the "NHL 16" adopted a new team lineup, but in other areas than the "NHL 15" changes are not too obvious. Up to now, EA does not indicate whether or not the "NHL 17" is a similar situation.

Oct 17, 2016