EA Sports accept appear their FIFA 19 Closed Beta this black on the sly

It looks as admitting EA Sports accept appear their FIFA 19 Closed Beta this black on the sly.

The FIFA 19 Release Date ability still be absolutely a few weeks away, but there are abundant letters of high-profile FIFA influences and pros advertence that their email accounts accept been beatific a cipher for the game.

The email getting beatific out by EA Sports reads:

"Welcome to the FIFA 19 Beta - Congratulations! You've been called to participate in the FIFA 19 Closed Beta. Starting 10th August at 9am PST, you can play and analysis bold modes: FIFA Ultimate Team and Kick-Off. Get started early, Pre-Load accessible Now by afterward instructions below.

"Please acquisition your cipher below, this cipher is specific to your account, and cannot be shared."

EA Sports are sending these codes out about and unless you've been called by EA Sports you can't play.

Even if you were to admission a cipher beatific to anyone else, these codes (as explained above) are specific to the person's annual who originally accustomed the email.


For instance, Chris Wood (@ChesnoidGaming) has tweeted to say: "FIFA19 Beta codes are getting beatific out in emails now guys, analysis your emails!!"

However, Wood aswell cautioned followers writing: "REMEMBER THOUGH Anniversary cipher is specific to anniversary annual so you can’t buy one online from a randomer and use it. DONT GET SCAMMED."

Likewise, if you are advantageous abundant to accept a code, do not beneath any accident allotment any gameplay, something that abundant influences accept tweeted in the accomplished hours.

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Aug 9, 2018