EA SPORTS has released a brand new update for FIFA 18 on PS4 and Xbox One

FIFA 18 update - Patch 1.09 for PS4, Xbox CONFIRMED ahead of Ligue 1 Winter Upgrades

EA Sports are slap bang in the middle of unveiling the games new Winter Upgrades having already released the Ratings Refresh for the Premier League and Calcio A.

Ligue 1 is likely up next, but we're still to see the launch of the new upgraded stats for the German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga and the rest of the world.

However, before we get to any of that, FIFA 18 players can download a new patch for PS4 and Xbox One today.

Patch 1.09 is now live. It launched last week on PC, but today's new update brings it to console.

The FIFA 18 patch launched last week on PCs but has today arrived on consoles and as you might expect the update fixes plenty of bugs to improve the overall game experience across the whole game.

This includes Ultimate Team, The Journey, Career Modes as well as more basic stuff such as the game UI and animations.

This new FIFA 18 title update hasn't made any drastic changes to the game, but you can see everything that's changed by reading over the patch notes just below which comes from a post from the EA Sports forums.


Made the following changes to settings:

• The addition of an Accessibility Settings screen.

• This is available in the Main Menu on the Customize tab by selecting the Settings tile.

• This adds the following new settings:

• The ability for players to remove the need to use the right stick within the game menus, allowing for navigation with the left stick only when using a controller.

• The ability for players to remove the need to use the left and right trigger / left and right bumper buttons within the game menus, allowing for players to scroll up to the top of the menu and cycle through them with the left stick when using a controller.

• This change will impact the Game Settings and Controller Settings screens only.

• The ability to add an on-screen, and clickable, ESC button during gameplay to allow for opening the Pause Menu using the mouse only (PC Only).

• The ability to increase the size of the clickable buttons within the game menus when using a mouse (PC Only).

Addressed the following issues in all screens:

• Pressing the D-pad, when using a controller, would occasionally not register.

Made the following changes in FIFA Ultimate team:

• In FUT Champions Weekend League, on the Match Preview screen, you will no longer see the status of your opponent update between "Making Changes" and "Ready", it will always display as "Making Changes".

• There is a known issue with this change that sometimes results in the status for your opponent showing as blank, it will be addressed in a future update.

• Selecting the difficulty of a match in FUT Squad Battles will no longer cause the player's default match difficulty setting outside of FUT Squad Battles to be changed.

• In the preview panel for a FUT Champions Channel replay, the match records displayed for the participating players will now reflect their record when that match took place instead of their current record.

Mar 1, 2018