Exposure to restart negotiations Manchester stones, trading nearly?

"Aspen" reported, vieto transfer has completed, the name of the horse Madrid striker will form on loan joined Sevilla.

According to Sevilla, local media reported, Seville will vieto pay 300 million euro loan costs and also in the loan contract, Sevilla will also have a buyout clause, buyout costs probably at around 20 million euros, which is horse competition prior to the introduction of fees paid by the striker.

"Aspen" said the loan transaction will not affect the transfer of Gameiro. Sevilla for the attitude of the French striker still, any intentional gamero team must pay close to the 40 million euros for the default payments, but the media said Atletico Madrid may have opened a offer 3000+500 million euro fluctuates.

Western media said Vieto's loan deal may be announced in the near future, the young man will immediately go to Germany and Seville confluence.

Jul 25, 2016