Fortnite just came out with a big new patch today

Fortnite simply came out with an enormous new patch these days, adding one important weapon to the sport that has the potential to be meta-changing.

That would be the new significant AR, that comes in rare, epic and legendary variants. The significant AR would seem to be associate addition to Fortnite that fans are posing for for a moment currently, a variant of the AK-47 within the game, as several alternative Fortnite guns ar supported existing arms within the globe, the FAMAS, the Desert Eagle, the AR15 so on.

But drawing on my information of guns that's entirely supported decision of Duty, i feel this can be not really associate AK, however instead associate RPK, another Russian-made gun that appears similar, however is well, heavier. The significant AR isn't similar to either gun, however only if this can be alleged to be a “heavy” AR, the RPK makes additional sense, therefore that’s most likely what this really is.

Elsewhere within the patch we've a replacement team-based zombie mode, the come back of Blitz, and not all that a lot of else. however one thing found within the leaked files of the sport suggests that one thing way more attention-grabbing is also coming back.


Time for an additional starter pack in Fortnite: Battle Royale, that occasional tradition that offers North American country a rare discount on the not-so-cheap V-bucks and skins that we tend to all want therefore badly. For the last couple of minutes, we've been operating with the Ace starter pack, a girl with a mask that feels loosely tied to the heist-themed "High Stakes" event from some 1,000,000 years past. If you haven't bought it nevertheless you most likely ought to currently, as a result of it looks to be going away these days in favor of the new pack: Summit Striker.

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Summit Striker went live early over in places like New Seeland and continues to try and do therefore because the Earth continues its long, slow rotation through this notably portentous day wherever world order thinks about. I will see it without delay within the Epic store, wherever it presently sits aboard the Ace pack. we tend to assume that Ace are going away before long, as a result of we tend to typically solely see one starter pack at any given moment.

Like alternative starter packs, Summit Striker looks to price $4.99 for a skin, back bling and 600 v-bucks. If you are the kind that often purchases V-bucks it is a no-brainer: the V-bucks themselves return at a small discount, and you get some cosmetics for your troubles. If you are simply beginning out, it is a good way to foster associate unhealthy addiction to virtual dress-up.

The cosmetics themselves ar solid: we do not see any of the additional baroque styles that we tend to get with epic-tier skins, however it is a solid very little piece from Fortnite's slightly additional grounded aspect. The theme is climb, with very little ski glasses, a mask and hiking boots to guard your player from the weather. the rear bling, too, is straight up: we've had a full ton of backpacks with walkie-talkies in them before, however here's another.

Nov 7, 2018