Fortnite Saving the world may not be the most popular game for Epic Games

Fortnite is a co-op sandbox survival video game developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly. The game was released by Epic Games as a paid early-access game on July 25, 2017, and its full free-to-play is expected to Be released in 2018. Fortnite Saving the world may not be the most popular game for Epic Games, but it certainly has a dedicated fan base. Although its alternative big escape mode has become a free success, STW still has a development roadmap to follow. A large team helps keep Fortnite BR ahead, and some fans worry that their game will be eliminated. The good news is that Epic Games has confirmed that they have a long-term plan for STW. They share a new roadmap every month, and the latest confirmed small content decline plan will be completed in the next few weeks.


The free code plan fell at some point in 2018, but did not identify any fixed months. This will mean a huge change in the world, and a dedicated community has been established since its launch. Free games will bring some significant improvements to fans who want to continue to use it as a major Fortnite experience. More players will mean easier to start the game, but it will also bring some disadvantages. Saving the world allows players to get V-Bucks and use them in Battle Royale. One thing STW fans want to avoid is that more players are just there to do farm activities for Battle Royale skin.

There are also rumors that something can be announced in the fifth season of the game. In the middle of Forttite Season 4, a leaker made some bold propaganda on Fortnite Season 5. They claim that at the end of the fifth season of Fortnite, saving the world will be free. However, they also requested other events that did not occur in the fifth season. So the current rumor is still only speculation, it should carry a lot of salt. This still allows the team to post news about STW free games around September 20. But no matter what the latest rumors, fans want to know more about the long-term plan of the game. A roadmap is available every month, but a larger roadmap will be needed in the coming months to avoid any lingering setbacks that save the world's dedicated fan base.

Aug 20, 2018