Fortnite v9.10 Update Brings Hot Spots, Fortnite X Jordan and Much More

Fortnite update v9.10, which was released by Epic Games on Wednesday morning, goes live on each game of Fortnite, introducing new contents like Hot Spots, Fortnite X Jordan and some bug fixes. Here is some of the important changes of this update for Battle Royale.  


Weapons and Items

Shadow Bombs

Reduced availability from floor loot from .835 percent to .677 percent

Reduced availability from chests from 4.65 percent to 3.98 percent

Reduced drop count from three to two.

Shadow Bombs have seen a lot of late-game use, and we wanted to encourage risk vs. reward when picking the item up. By leaving maximum stack size the same & reducing availability, the item’s potential remains the same but swapping a spot for it early on is riskier.

Unvaulted Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle

Available in Vending Machines, Chests and Floor Loot

Available in Uncommon and Rare variants

Since the Thermal Rifle and Scoped Revolver have both recently been vaulted, this week we wanted to bring back an oldie but goodie to round out the medium/long-range item line-up.

Combat Shotgun

Reduced the availability from floor loot from 2.015 percent to 1.409 percent

Reduced the availability from chest loot from 2.183 percent to 1.846 percent

When compared to other items of similar rarity, the Combat Shotgun was dropping a bit too frequently. This change will put it closer in line with other items.

Bug Fixes

Dropping part of a consumable item stack no longer interrupts using the consumable.

Shadow Bombs correctly leave the players inventory when no charges are left.

Shadow Bombs are consumed properly when quickly picking up a replacement item during activation.

Combat Shotgun now applies appropriate environmental damage falloff.

Ability to move is no longer lost if Rift-to-go was used with Balloons.

The Bush now correctly attaches to players in specific animations, such as skydiving.

Resolved inconsistent behavior while using Flint-Knock pistol during crouch.

Air vent audio is now correctly removed upon on destruction.

Boogie Bombs now properly prevent affected players from skydiving.

Camera issues when exiting a Mounted Turret have been resolved.

Remote Explosives will now open and close with doors they are stuck to.


Introducing Hot Spots!

Every match, select named locations will be marked in gold text on the map.

These Hot Spots represent the presence of Loot Carriers. Shoot down the carriers for additional high-quality weapons.

Minimum of one Hot Spot

25 percent chance for two Hot Spots

five percent chance for three Hot Spots

Loot Carriers

Loot Carriers drop a weapon of Rare or higher quality along with two stacks of ammo.

Hot Spots will have between 12 and 16 Loot Carriers depending on the size of the location.

Equipping the blueprint to start building has improved in high latency situations.

Added crosshair dot while skydiving to allow for more precise map marking.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue with auto material swap canceling turbo build if the client can’t predict the material amount quick enough.

Updated Environmental and Cozy Campfire Trap collision to better allow players to walk over campfires.

Players can no longer fire/reload weapons while reviving a DBNO teammate.

Contrails are no longer stuck on the player if they dropped from the bus directly into a Slipstream.

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May 23, 2019