GGG Introduced Storage Tanks and Harvest Descriptions

GGG is planning to deploy Patch 3.11.1c later this week. It contains a few small fixes but most notably, an increase to the capacity of Storage Tanks and some improvements to Harvest Crafting descriptions.


Storage Tanks

The current plan is that the base capacity of a storage tank will be increased from 300 units of Lifeforce up to 1,000 units. We also plan to introduce a new type of storage tank with a capacity of up to 5,000 units that you'll be able to purchase for a significant amount of Lifeforce. 

If you own one or more of these new larger tanks, a placed tank will have a 'swap' button on it that you can click which will automatically swap the new large tank with the existing tank that you select. Any Lifeforce contained in the smaller tank will be deposited into the newly-purchased larger tank.

Harvest Descriptions

We've also revised the highlighting of key words on the Harvest crafting panel. It will have colours that make it easier to see at a glance what crafting modifiers are available. For example, the word 'caster' would always be highlighted in pale blue. In order to equip strong characters and improve skills in Path of Exile, players will need lots of POE items to better enjoy the game. To meet players' need, offers cheap POE Items and Currency with fast delivery, safe payment and 24/7 customer service. With rich experience in the gaming market, we are committed to providing worldwide players with high quality game resources as well as a good shopping experience.

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Jul 14, 2020