Going Green Update Available in Trove - Bring New Plants, Food and More!

Going Green is now live on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, which means Gardening is bigger and better than ever. Players can craft new ways, harvest new plants, find new food to eat and reap new rewards in a garden all your own with Gardening 2.0. Here are all the changes in this update. 


Gardening now goes to 300 (Horticulturist)!

The Gardening bench has been renamed to the Antiquated Gardening Bench. A new Gardening Bench can now be crafted at the builders crafting bench.

The requirements for the original gardening recipes have also been shuffled.

Unripe Compost Heap has been renamed to Unripe Fertilizer Heap to reduce confusion.

New types of plants have been added to Gardening at Gardener (150) level and above:

Vegetables - Vegetable plants like Qubbage, Unicorn Chard, and Totter Tates contain vegetables when harvested.

Vegetables can be washed at the Vegetable Sink to become food.

Prized decorative vegetables or bomb skins can be found rarely when harvesting Vegetables. These decorative vegetables can also be crafted at the Harvesting Bench.

Alchemy Plants - Alchemy plants contain crafting materials when harvested.

Alchemy plant recipes can be found in Bobble Pods and when opening compost heaps.

Alchemy plant seeds can be crafted with gardening (once learnt) or found rarely when throwing Bobble pods or opening compost heaps.

Alchemy plant seeds can be composted for a fraction of the materials that would be gained from harvesting the plant.

Alchemy plant recipes can be composted back in to a compost heap.

Bobble Pods are a new kind of pinata that, when thrown, grow in to a blastflower - pop them to receive rewards like Alchemy Plant recipes, seeds, and Golden Watering Cans.

A Ridable Bobble Pod mount can rarely drop for the thrower of a Bobble Pod. This 0 mastery mount is immobile, because no one wants to reenact Day of the Triffids.

These new Vegetable and Alchemy plants require watering and time to grow.

Most plants require 4 hours to sprout before they can be watered.

Once sprouted, a plant can be watered.

Once fully watered, a plant can be harvested.

Once harvested or watered, a plant cannot be watered again until it's ready. Depending on the plant, this may be 1, 2, or 3 days later. Regardless of what time they were planted, they will always become ready at 11 AM PT.

Different plants require different amounts of water before becoming harvestable - for example, Corn on the Qube plants require 4 units of water, while Qumato plants require 1 unit of water.

There are also different kinds of watering cans:

Watering Can - this consumable watering can grants 1 unit of water to nearby plants. Craftable at Gardener (150) Skill.

Everlasting Watering Can - this watering can is not consumable and grants 1 unit of water to nearby plants. This watering can also waters twice as fast. Craftable at Horticulturist (300) Skill.

Golden Watering Can - this consumable watering can completely fills the watering requirements for nearby plants, and can be used on plants which have already been watered with a Watering Can or Everlasting Watering Can. Can be found inside Bobble Pods and some Compost Heaps.

Kahramet, Warden of the Fields has been attracted to Trove by the new growth in gardening. This new dragon can be crafted at the Dragon Crucible using Blossoming Dragon Egg fragments. She can also be obtained using a dragon effigy or through a golden egg inside of greater dragon caches.

Blossoming Dragon Egg fragments can be found inside of Bobble Pods. They can also be composted for Quality Organic Refuse.

Moonlight bulbs can now be found all over Trove and Geode. These bulbs concentrate the power of the moon goddess into a harvestable resource. But watch out, the moon goddess doesn't take kindly to these falling into the hands of Trovians and will remove them from your bags when you go offline for more than an hour.


Harvesting Bench

The Harvesting Bench can be crafted at the Gardener (150) Skill level of Gardening from the Gardening Bench or the Builder's Crafting Bench.

Gardener (150) Skill is required to interact with the Harvesting Bench.

The Harvesting Bench can be used to craft various kinds of Compost, Ally Habitats, Mounts, Decorative Plants, Farm Decorations, VFX Blocks, and Frameworks.

Rich Fertilizer, Fertile Ash, and Plasmic Solution are also craftable at the Harvesting Bench.

Compost Heaps from the Harvesting Bench are a great way to get Concentrated Compost, Moonlight Temper, and Cookie Musk.

Ally Habitats are a way to acquire new allies - each home can attract a normal or rare version of the specific ally associated with that home. Ally Habitats require Horticulturist (300) to craft and to harvest.

Flowerbed Faerie Habitat - attracts Flowerbed Faerie and (rarely) Flowerbed Countess

Purple Glowbug Habitat - attracts Purple Glowfly and (rarely) Brilliant Glowfly

Yzzuli's Drone Habitat - attracts Yzzuli's Drone and (rarely) Yzzuli's Queen

Appleshell Snail Habitat - attracts Appleshell Snail and (rarely) Sourshell Snail

Ally Habitats must be planted in Club Worlds, and are intended to be crafted by the club banding together.

The Ally Habitats believe sharing is caring - the ally will be available for anyone with the Horticulturist skill who visits the club. If the rare ally chooses to visit, that will also be available for every visitor with Horticulturist skill.


The Compost Bin can be crafted at the Gardener (150) Skill level of Gardening from the Gardening Bench or the Builder's Crafting Bench.

The Compost Bin can be used to craft Organic Refuse from unwanted crafting materials and non-pvp trophies. Prized vegetables may also be composted.

Gardener (150) Skill is required to interact with the Compost Bin.

Gardening recipes can be composted for Compost Heaps. They can also be deconstructed for blank scrolls, but are locked by default.

Items Composted is now a metric than can be viewed by typing /stats in the chat window.


Create edible versions of plants by washing them at the Vegetable Sink!

The Vegetable Sink can be crafted at the Gardener (150) Skill from the Gardening Bench or the Builder's Crafting Bench.

Gardener (150) Skill is required to interact with the Vegetable Sink.

A Food slot has been added to the character sheet next to Flasks and Emblems. Make sure all UI mods are updated!

Food can be equipped to grant small buffs.

Food decays over time - a stack can be equipped, and each piece will last for a certain amount of time before decaying.

Once a piece of food has been equipped, it cannot be unequipped - that's just gross!

There are rumours that this is only the first bite of food to whet the appetite and give a taste of what's to come - sweeter treats may be coming in a future update. The food abides.


A new set of badges are available for Gardening - earn badges for Harvesting, Watering Plants, and Composting. There's also an additional badge for collecting all of the Alchemy Plant Seed recipes.

Each badge will reward the player with Bobble Pods, Instagrowers, Cubits, and sometimes something extra.

The Obsidian Harvesting Badge grants the Green Thumbzilla Ally to help harvest plants.

The Obsidian Watering Plants Badge grants the Botanic Floralfin Mount to help water plants.

New trophies and achievements have been added as well!

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Jun 26, 2019