Gonzalo Higuain and Juventus white-collar life, Naples is in the dark

The ansa news agency reported, Napoli striker in early June once rejected a Juventus initial offer, but on July 13, both sides finally reached transfer agreement.

The Argentina international striker will be in tomorrow complete transfer transaction of the Turin giants, the Bianconeri will he pay 9000 million euros in cash surrender. Gonzalo Higuain this Friday in Madrid accepted the examination, then the Juventus directors Marotta and Paraty was odd.

According to ansa news, the transfer is the two sides have secret negotiations for a period of time. According to reports, Juve in Ibiza June launched a dialogue with Gonzalo Higuain, but the young smoker was refused initial offer.

However, Juventus did not give up, and Gonzalo Higuain also agreed to the old woman out of a 7 million 500 thousand euros annual salary of 4 years of contract. It is reported that the two sides is on July 13, the Madrid negotiated transfer, then Higuain has just finished playing the Copa America, in the Spanish capital for a holiday.

If that is true, it means that the Naples until yesterday have been kept in the dark, until Higuain examination blood test report is disclosed in the media. Reported that the Naples has been that Higuain will on Monday appeared Dimaro to participate in training camp, so this did not alert.

Jul 27, 2016