I played Forza Motorsport 7 for more than 10 hours

Played more than 10 hours, AI and veteran experts cut the current career playing the last cup, you can evaluate.

First come to the conclusion, RCG this category, 8.5 / 10 points. The best choice for non-steering wheel players, of course, if the PS player there is a target object is GTS. As for the steering wheel player, Sim Racer if you want to change the taste to CarPorn mentality to see more cars, the next two restaurants The money to buy this work is not a loss. The game shows the game time, 99% of the time I use the plate game, 1% just to try the handle. If FM7 steering wheel support is feces, I really did not self-torture, the following details. Go to onlinegameshop.com buy Motorsport 7 Credits for PC and Xbox One

I do not have 4K hardware, 1080P is good enough. The top-of-the-line accuracy and texture expressiveness of the car's exterior and in-cabin modeling, along with the ForzaVista system, is a great experience when viewed as CarPorn or as a photographic mode. The color of the environment mainly depends on Forza's unique track and dynamic weather, such as Dubai, Prague, Rio, and snow-capped mountains. There is plenty of room for dazzling performances. As for the familiar GP track, that's it. However, this generation of pictures is still focused Tucao, the problem lies in the color. FM7 does not have any custom space, the contrast of the game, the saturation is too high, which leads to the road illegible in cloudy / dusk / night conditions. Youtube comment laughed at me, that this generation of color is Tim Tim Burton do?

Turn off the Night of the Line, quite hard core expensive eyes. Dirt in the night run I often play, but people's car but loaded with pull light.

未标题-1.jpgListen to a ring level, from excellence, Niubi, shocking the word is still far. A competing than this lot of details, the engine is based, tire noise, brakes, wind, pavement, cut the head around the sound field changes in perspective, not a simple live.

Of course, the motivation for buying this for 700 vehicles, access is not difficult, too lazy to save money car can also experience. The car is very comprehensive, not to mention the super-run facade, the 80s Group B, the contemporary Formula E, the caravans at all levels and even a car for Hoonigan. However, to expect so many cars have their own differences in feel, is indeed a luxury.

Hand travel krypton gold most suspense moment is nothing more than out of the box, compared to FH Roulette lottery, FM7 into out of the box do not know the end of the system. Pumping module, pumping the skin, pumping, anyway, also have to buy a car to get money out of the box stroke stroke cycling motorcycle changed.

Turn10 can scratch the head like a hundred skin is really busy, after all, have to model the perspective of the cabin gloves, the workload is not small. The above skin or back to black soul it. . .

Forza series of reserved events exhibition still exists, more interesting is the history of Skyline and 911 family duel, a certain degree of difficulty. And then there's a hardcore match that takes an hour to run Spa 23.

The main event Nice point is to give players enough events options to win enough points to upgrade, do not need all-pass. Like I was on the SUV, terrain cars, trucks, what is the interest can be omitted directly.

As long as the confrontation with the AI, whether you are a hardcore player, open the flashback, there is no need to find yourself unhappy, because the AI in the FM does not understand the rules of the car. I think there is a reply that Dont learn how to drive by Forza, the more accurate words should be Dont learn how to Race by Forza. The "real racing" game there is no rule, Cut track, no malicious impact at all Will make you fine. If the AI is smart enough, keep the order, and have the rules of events, Still 180 ° plate animation, Turn10 can do a few hundred sets of fart with the skin, can not do a 900 ° steering wheel also said that he is the most real, you feel. The picture is a telemetry screen to see the red box and steering wheel contrast, My plate 900 ° control is right, but the game's system is to convert the plate signal to a 180 ° mapping.

FFB and control feel, the default parameters into the game simply can not play hard, I think this is the only car to open the Van Diesel, and anti-rescue car is a fan of the general feel, and later found the parameters of foreign players Set to be resolved. Currently set to I feel comfortable in the case of AC as the benchmark, 6-7 / 10 points, above the pass line, the variable is the car and the track. Fetal feeling a little fuzzy, but it belongs to the playable level can be perceived; shoulders and braking vibration good; lack of scores is the road feel, Prague, the stone road feel, but paving the track is 0 road feeling. Everyone is talking about their own laser sweep the track, a pit are not let go, then ask these pit is people to see it? So,Buy cheapest Forza Motorsport 7 Credits, Cheap FM7 Credits and Forza Motorsport 7 CR On www.OnlineGameShop.com, Instant Delivery, 24/7 Service. 100% Safety!

Finally, the control of the cover car is still very fanatic, feeling not in the same space with other cars. No auxiliary situation, I 918 can brush New Zealand 7 points to succeed, this car Mod in AC I also manipulate happy, still can not control in FM7.

Nov 28, 2017