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Want to get some new featured training packs? Psyonix has released a new collection of training packs for players to make a difference in your game. Here is a list of them to help you know more about them. Check out the nine featured packs that will help improve your Rocket League fundamentals like dribbling, clearing, passing, double touches, backboard shots, and more!


Dribble Training Champion

Recreating RLCS7 Grand Champion

Novice Defender Gold

Backboard Shots Champion

Clearing for Beans Champion

Treino De Walldrag Champion

Pass Training Platinum

Shadow Saves Platinum

Self Double Touch: Pro Diamond

As Competitive Season 11 is coming to a close on August 27. Hit these training packs hard to elevate your game and get to that next rank before the season ends! Don't forget, you have to complete your placement matches in a Competitive Playlist and fulfill the appropriate Season Reward Level in order to earn your rewards for Competitive Season 11.

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Jul 31, 2019