New In-Game Music Adding to Rocket League Throughout the Year

Not long after cross-platform parties released, a brand new in-game music has been brought to the rocket league.According to the news on the offical site, the first new track of Monstercat is live in game. 

There are nearly 100 songs with different sub-genres of electronic music in Rocket League after the full realese of Volumes 6 and 7, many of which will be Rocket League's opening music. The process in which these songs are chosen is more involved and collaborative than you may think, as Monstercat has a few songs that have already been selected for Rocket League Radio, though some of them haven't even been created yet!

Thanks to Monstercat's deep catalog of work, Rocket League players who have followed the sounds may realize the dramatic change of game tone. Monstercat's new direction for Rocket League Radio has the potential to bring new artists to the soundtrack to be enjoyed by the fans of the game, the genre, and then some.Fire up Rocket League to hear the first new song, "PLAY," by Tokyo Machine. The second and third new songs of the year will release in March. 


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Mar 1, 2019