NHL regular season milestone g ball king Oscar scored a breakthrough

Beijing time on January 13, the capital captain Alex - Ovidi gold against the penguin game into a goal, which became the history of the NHL 84th to get 1000 points of the players.

As of the time, 31-year-old Ovidi gold career played 880 games, get 545 goals and 455 assists, all in the capital to complete. He is also active to achieve this achievement the second fastest player, the first is Younger.

In number, he surpassed the Hall of Famer striker Morris - Richard, ranked 29th in the history scoring, and was also active third, behind Youngor (756) and Jarum (616).

Ovidijin as the seventh all-star, signed in 2008 a 13-year $ 244 million contract became the first billion in the history of NHL contract, but he did not forget the beginning of his career: "I still remember my rookie season, my first game, they just happened just like yesterday. Time flies fast forward, you only need to enjoy every minute and every moment, when the opportunity comes, Do something special "

Seine get a career of 1000 points

Beijing time on January 22, joined the captain Henrik - Sai Ding in the game with the predators to get the first 1000 points in the game, became the first team in the history of the Canadian team, he is also the seventh breakthrough in the 1000 points The players of the mark, Bill Gregory, Salton, Tsara, Hosa, Maliu and Ovidijin are also second in the season. He is also the first 85 points in the history of Mr. 1000, 38 in a team to get 1000 points of the players, but also the fourth to get 1000 points of the Swedish players (the other three are loose, Alfred and Reid Strom).

Sedim's career was scored in August 2000 against the predators, and he scored 1,000 points in 1213 games, as well as against the predators. So far, all of his 16 NHL season has been spent on the team, leading the team history, scoring, assists, strong scoring (346) and positive and negative (+206) In addition, he still team history goals (7), the number of the first shot (1747), the number of the first conflict (18754) and the number of times to win the conflict (the first to win the ball) First (9180).

Crosby got a career of 1000 points

In Beijing on February 18, 2017 game, Crosby became NHL history, the first 86 to win a career of 1000 points of the players. At the same time, 757 games also made him the fastest active duty, the history of the 12 fast to reach this milestone player, than Younger (763 games) faster 6 games. Crosby is the eighth place to reach the top 1000 players, the third of the season (the first two are Ovidijin and Sai Ding), is also the fourth penguin team history of Mr. 1000, the first two are Mario Lemie and Younger.

At the same time, Crosby's career at least 118 games have contributed more than 3 points since the 2005-06 season since the start of his career contribution of 1.32 points, the data is currently ranked in the top five NHL history. His first four are: Hockey Great Gretzky (1.92), Super Mario (1.88), Mike - Posse (1.5) and Bobby - Orr (1.39).

Finally, Croisby reached this record at the age of 29 years and 193 days was active second fastest, the first was Younger in December 31, 2000 hit the 28-year-old 319 days.

Beyond Grant - Filtarbert to break the team history single season wins record

Beijing time on April 7, Edmonton oilers to 4-2 victory over San Jose shark. With the victory of this field, the oil goalkeeper Kamm - Talbot to a single season 41 wins beyond the team name Grant - Phil in the 1987-88 season hit a single season 40 wins, refresh team history. You know, this is not easy for NHL under modern rules.

And then look at him more than who: Grant - Phil, former Edmonton players and Arizona submarine team goalkeeper coach, career five wins Stanley Cup, seven times selected All-Star Game 2003 selected hockey Hall of Fame, this year All-Star Weekend has just been rated as NHL history hundred stars.

Aston - Matthews broke the US rookie scoring record and team history record

In April 4, 2009 Maple Leaf against Buffalo Saber in the game, 2016 champion Lang Aston - Matthews scored the first 39 goals in the season, thus breaking the rookie rookie season scoring record he was over The player also includes the 1980 "miracle team," an important member of Neil - Broden, he had 73 games scored 38 goals. This goal is also the sixth season of Matthews, Pierce broke the record in the 1982-83 season, the maple team history show.

It is worth mentioning that the 19-year-old Matthews record place is in June last year, he was selected by the Maple Leaf of the stadium, is the beginning of eight children dream place.

Red wing for 25 consecutive years into the playoffs record end

Beijing time on March 29, Detroit Red Wing 1-4 loss to Carolina hurricane. This is a small defeat, but with Maple Leaf and brown bears were defeated their opponents, red wing for the 26th consecutive year into the playoffs hope was cut off. Since 1991, the Red Wing has been in the playoffs for 25 consecutive years, the longest record for the NHL history, but now this record is already ancient.

But this is not surprising, this season, the red wing of the poor state, the league ranked sixth in the penultimate. Although the whole month they win less negative, in the previous ten games played a 6-3-1 record, but also a drop in the bucket, can not save the team in distress.

Oil for 10 consecutive years missed the end of the playoff record

Red Wing for 25 consecutive years into the playoffs is the longest history, and oil for 10 consecutive years without the playoffs is the longest history. But in the end of the red wing record that day, the oil has ushered in the opportunity to play the playoffs, and sometimes had to sigh, good luck get people.

Beijing March 29, the oil 2-1 victory over the king, since the 2005-06 season once again into the playoffs. That season the oil in the Stanley Cup in the fight to 3-4 lost to the hurricane, regret the end of the season, also opened 10 years without the history of the playoffs. At that time, Mike David was even under 10 years old.

Now 10 years later, Mike David also from the year there is no high club boy into the oil of the star, by the Orr and Gretzky's appreciation in his leadership of the oil people are also completely to the revival, Ranked eighth in the league this season, the future can be expected.

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Apr 11, 2017