Official: Dortmund sign Wolfsburg midfielder Andre schurrle

According to the sports daily reported, Barcelona star Neymar to help Brazil won the Olympic gold medal, is currently being relentlessly training, in order to do the best you can in front of the home crowd, he is personal preparedness program, has been increasing weight of 2.5kg, for in a confrontation in more explosive, he was practicing more muscle. 

His personal training Shili card multi - Rosa lance in the Brazilian media interview admitted Neymar to this piece of the Olympic will gold has doubled the amount of training, this a few months Neymar also very attention to diet, eat very pay attention to nutrition. 

Watch training people have said Neymar's body changes are obvious, especially his footwall, but due to the previous holiday his lack of pace, the next few days Brazil Olympic men's football team will and the Japanese team for a warm-up match. Please look forward Neymar's performance. 

Jul 25, 2016