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Dofus is a appropriate turn-oriented massively multiplayer online role-playing bold (MMORPG) developed and appear by Ankama Games,a French computer bold manufacturer.Originally appear alone in French, it has back been translated into abounding added languages. The bold includes both pay-to-play accounts alms the abounding acquaintance and free-to-play accounts alms a added bound bulk of content. Its success has led to the business of aftereffect products, such as books, art, comics and a cine appear in 2016. It has aswell led to the development of two continuations: Dofus Arena, appear at the alpha of 2006, which is an another "tournament" adaptation of Dofus; and Wakfu, a assiduity of Dofus.The bold has admiring over 40 actor players common and is abnormally able-bodied accepted in France.Today, there are added than 1.5 actor subscribers every ages on the game.


A all-inclusive apple just cat-and-mouse to be disvovered! Touchdown in the Apple of Twelve and set off on a abundant chance in Dofus - an aboriginal massively multiplayer online role arena cosmos area amusement goes duke in duke with action-packed, appropriate battles.

Game play

Dofus takes abode in "The Apple of Twelve", called for the 12 gods that abide it. Players ascendancy a 2D avatar acceptance to one of 18 appearance classes in a third-person view. Anniversary chic has a altered set of spells that added classes can not obtain. As with a lot of added massively multiplayer online role-playing games, players accretion levels by accepting experience. Acquaintance can be acquired by acquisition monsters and commutual quests. With anniversary level, players accretion credibility that can be acclimated to advance their avatar's characteristics and spells. Players can admission new spells and accessories by advancing in level. Players accept a appropriate 'aura' if they ability akin 100, and accretion a altered ambience at 200, the best level. Players may aswell adjudge to yield up professions and frequently bandage calm to undertake dungeons. Abounding aswell become allotment of guilds, to added calmly alike with others. Players complete quests to accretion acquaintance and added rewards.

While the bold takes abode in real-time, action in Dofus is conducted added like a about-face based action bold – area anniversary amateur takes it in turns to accomplish a alternation of moves and attacks aural a time limit. As such, if a amateur attacks monsters – they are transported to a 'copy map' area the angry takes place. Once a action begins, no added players may accompany that fight. Players use a alternation of spells (which are altered to that appearance class) to, amidst added effects, attack, heal, addict or cesspool one's Action Credibility (AP) or Movement Credibility (MP). All accomplishments done in action (by both players and monsters) consumes an bulk of AP and all movement consumes MP. In action if a appearance loses all of their bloom credibility (HP) they're rendered dead.


An Extensive World

15 Character Classes

Experience And Equipment

Turn-Based Combat

Friends,Guilds,And Alliances

Professions And Economy

Dungeons And Monsters

Player Versus Player

Explore a all-inclusive cosmos afflicted by ballsy fantasy and manga, busy with absurd and abstruse creatures. Set off on fun and ballsy adventures on your book with your accompany and players from all over the world. DOFUS Touch is a colossal MMO at your fingertips!

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Dec 11, 2018