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Developed by Ankama Games, Dofus Touch is a unique and funny MMORPG that has a thriving community all bent on doing one thing – immersing themselves in a rich world filled with adventure and wonder. Since release, it has won millions of players throughout the world. 

In this imaginary medieval universe, dragons, heroes, and gods fight each other for the precious dragon eggs known as DOFUS. Evil forces have stolen the magic eggs and must be stopped. It’s up to you to find them and unlock their powers. Players can do a lot of thing while travelling throughout the rich world, such as fighting creatures and making friends. They can engage in guild wars, 3 vs 3 battles, or even spontaneous 1 on 1 fights that’ll leave one player standing. When there is no fighting, players will have the opportunity to take up a profession and make use of resources in the game. By thrashing enemies and gaining experience players will rise up the ranks. 


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Jun 16, 2020