Path of Exile's New Patch 3.10.1 Live with Improvements and Bug Fixes

Path of Exile has received a new patch recently, which is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The new patch 3.10.1 includes improvements to several aspects of Delirium as well as the visual updated discussed last week, bug fixes and more. Here are the full patch notes for this update to let you know what you can expect.  

Delirium Improvements

Made various visual adjustments to Delirium mist to improve visibility of effects below the mist.

Added a variety of coloured lights to monsters and packs with Delirium on-death modifiers to more clearly represent the type of damage their skills will deal.

The Vengeful Blast modifier now creates a Fire-damage Flameblast (rather than Cold-damage). We have improved the telegraphing of the Flameblast as well.

Updated the effects of the Vengeful Skyfire meteors.

Updated the effects and audio of the Crushing Terror telegraph and impact.

Added a ground target marker for Vengeful Soul's Soul Mortar skill.

Added a red tint to the homing Delirium volatile monsters and the ground objects which create them.

Delirium Volatile monsters now have a charge-up animation before they explode, rather than exploding immediately when contacted.

Monsters with the Vengeful Stalker modifier are no longer targetable when they are exploding.

The Vengeful Stalker modifier now deals Lightning damage.

The Vengeful Skyfire modifier now creates more tightly clustered Firestorm impacts.

Adjusted the reward count pacing in story areas to behave similarly to that of Map areas. This does mean that some areas (such as Harbour Bridge) will no longer be overly rewarding.

Reduced the size of the Hysteriagate Simulacrum area. This results in monster density being similar to that of the other Simulacrum areas.

Fixed a bug where some monsters were dropping Simulacrum Splinters after the Delirium mist had subsided.

Fixed a rare bug where Delirium rewards could drop in inaccessible locations.

Fixed a bug where rewards from the additional reward bars added in 3.10.0e did not give credit for the "Obtain Rewards from Delirium Encounters" challenge.

Fixed a bug where the Devastator, Explosive Force and Unspeakable Gifts Cluster Jewel modifiers were causing monsters that aren't ordinarily able to have their corpses destroyed (such as Piety, the Abomination in the Belly of the Beast Level 2) to explode.

Fixed a bug where the "Poisons you inflict on non-Poisoned Enemies deal 300% increased Damage" stat on the Low Tolerance Cluster Jewel notable did not work.

Fixed a bug where the "Warcries count as having 10 additional nearby Enemies" stat on the Cry Wolf Cluster Jewel notable didn't work when using Intimidating Cry.

Fixed a bug where corrupting a Unique Cluster Jewel into a Rare Cluster Jewel didn't generate an enchantment on the Rare Cluster Jewel.

Fixed a rare bug where Fury Hound monsters in the Simulacrum could sometimes become immune to damage.

Fixed a bug where Delirium Unique Items and Cluster Jewels were not dropping at the correct item level in the Simulacrum.

Fixed a bug where Cluster Jewel notables were not being disabled if you had down-leveled below the level requirement of the socketed jewel.


General Improvements

You are now able to select an Atlas Mission via the Map Device.

Shaper and Elder Influence can now be applied to areas that also have Conqueror Influence.

Divination Cards which award Perandus Manor now always do so at a tier that is equivalent to what would be received if you had 4 Watchstones in the appropriate region of your Atlas. Cadiro Perandus will offer Perandus Manor at a tier based on the watchstone count of the appropriate region of your Atlas.

Doryani's Machinarium now drops at a tier based on the Watchstone count of the appropriate region of your Atlas. This means that if you have 4 Watchstones in the region that contains the Maze Map, Doryani's Machinarium will drop at its maximum tier.

Unique Maps and Vaal Temple Map are no longer highlighted when selecting a Favourite Map.

x% increased Effect of Auras on You modifiers no longer apply to enemy debuff auras.

Arc, when triggered, now targets as close to your target as possible.

Mirage Archers now release their channelled Snipe at maximum stages.

Eye Hatcheries created by Metamorph bosses no longer create damaging ground impacts each time they take damage.

Scale of Esh monsters are now limited to having up to 3 minions at a time.

Adjusted the physics of the Project Wings.

Improved the performance of Bladestorm effects.

Added an EnableDropSound parameter that can be used in Item Filters.

Fixed an issue with the PlayAlertSound parameter in Item Filters not handling the Continue command correctly.

Fixed a bug where some unique monsters could fail to pathfind to players correctly.

Fixed a bug introduced in 3.10.0 which caused the "Contains additional Divination Cards that give Corrupted Items" modifier found on Diviner's Strongboxes to not work.

Fixed a bug where Vaal souls gained when using the Soul Ripper unique flask were given to a single Vaal skill, rather than being distributed amongst all socketed Vaal skills.

Fixed a bug where running far away from an upgraded Stormbind rune and then returning to it caused it to visibly appear as if it was unupgraded.

Fixed a bug where the ground effect from Hunter Influence Basilisk monsters re-appeared if you ran far away from it and then returned.

Fixed a bug where the Ice Trail created by Veritania, The Redeemer lasted forever.

Fixed a bug introduced in 3.10.0 where the Sawblades thrown by Truth Extractors bounced forever.

Fixed a bug where the effects of the Snipe skill, granted by the Assailum unique helmet, were not correctly removed after using the skill.

Fixed a bug where the visual effects from using Frostblink could get stuck on your character until you changed areas.

Fixed a bug introduced in 3.10.0 which could cause the Pier Map boss to become untargetable.

Fixed a bug causing the location of Animated Weapons' health bar to sometimes be incorrect.

Fixed a bug where the height of some parts of the Morbid Hideout was incorrect, causing it to interact poorly with a number of hideout decorations.

Fixed a bug which caused triggered Raging Spirits to not attack monsters.

Fixed a bug where Kinetic Bolt was able to drop before level 5.

Fixed a bug where party members could interact with the Metamorphosis Vat. They could only say Goodbye!

Fixed a bug introduced shortly before 3.10.0 where Reverb did not work.

Fixed a bug where Thaumaturgy Wings and the Scientist Cloak flickered when certain effects were applied to your character.

Fixed a bug introduced in 3.10.0 that caused the joints of the Wild Panther Pet to become quite entangled.

Fixed a bug introduced in 3.10.0 where the trails from the Orion Weapon Effect became smaller than intended.

Fixed a bug where the trails from the Trinity Aura Effect were sometimes slightly ahead of the rotating spikes.

Fixed an instance crash that could occur when using Zombies.

Fixed an instance crash that could occur during the Gruthkul, Mother of Despair encounter.

Fixed an instance crash that could occur during a Kosis, The Revelation encounter.

Fixed a client crash that could sometimes occur when closing the quest reward window. 

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Mar 25, 2020